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Vijay TV Nippon Super Singer Season 6 Voting 2018

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Organisation : Vijay Television Private Limited
Facility Name : Super Singer Season 6 Voting 2018 (#NipponSuperSinger)
Applicable For : Viewers
Voting Begins : From 03rd Feb 2018
Voting Time : From Sunday 8:30 PM to Tuesday 9:00 AM
Vote Here :
Voting T&C :

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Vijay TV Super Singer Season Voting

Vijay TV Super Singer Program is a singing based reality program wherein contestants between the age 18 years and 60 years, from all over India.

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The participants Compete individually or against each other by voluntarily participating and /or being part of various selection processes, auditions or levels of selection or format of the Program. You can cast their vote to save your favorite contestant from the nomination list.

Who Can Vote?

The Viewers interested in participating in the Voting Mechanism must be above the age of 18 years and a resident of Territory. The Participants should not involve in any criminal cases during the voting process.

How To Vote?

The voting process will be open on every week at the end of the episode. During the voting period the viewers can vote to save their favorite Nominated Contestant.

Google Voting Mechanism

To Vote your favorite contestant follow the below steps,
Step 1 : Visit Google site ( and Type “Super Singer Vote”
Step 2 : Click “Sign In To Vote ” to Sign in to their Google Account.

Step 3 : Enter your Email Address or Phone Number
Step 4 : Click on “Next’ button

Step 5 : Enter your Password
Step 6 : Click Next button

Step 7 : To caste their Vote for your Favorite Contestant
Step 8 : If you want to split your votes then click on the “Continue” button

Step 9 : Caste your vote for next contestant
Step 10 : Click on the Continue button

Step 11 : To submit your Votes Click “Vote” button.

Finally you will receive the message like as follows and click on “Done” button to complete your votes.

Note :
1. The Viewer can vote only 50(fifty) times for his Google ID. The Viewer can also split his votes for the Nominated Contestant(s).
2. There is no voting charge in the Google Voting Mechanism.

3. Any unclear/incorrect/incomplete information, including typing wrong characters shall be considered invalid vote.
4. After successful completing of voting the viewers will receive a thank you message.
5. Voting received after the last date will not be considered.

Period of Voting

It is clarified that the telecast of the episode begins from 03rd Feb 2018, at the timings stated below

Day Time of Telecast
Week Ends 19.00 Hours
Days Line Opens at (IST) Line Closes at (IST)
Sunday Day 1 20.30 Hours 23.59 Hours
Monday Day 2 00.00 Hours 23.59 Hours
Tuesday Day 3 00.00 Hours 09.00 Hours

Contestants/ Participants

The Contestants / Participants are as follows:
** Anirudh
** Sireesha
** Raja Lakshmi
** Keshav Vinoth
** Malavika
** Jayanthi
** Rakshitha
** Sakthi
** Senthil Ganesh
** Sireesha
** Sudharsan
** Viji
** Srilakshmi
** Sridevi
** Greeshma
** Mohammad Naseer
** Vinay
** Sunny
** Praveen
** Ashwin
** Ajay Krishna
** Aparna

Votes received after the timelines, shall not be considered and shall be deemed null and void

Program Jury/ Judges

The jury comprising of Swetha Mohan, Benny Dayal, Unni Krishnan and Anooradha , who are the judges on the Program. Final Top 22 Contestants shortlisted and selected for performing and competing against each other in the further rounds of the program.

On the basis of the performance, singing techniques, screen presence, interaction with audience, overall personality, the jury will nominate 2 contestant on every week.

It is clarified that the exact number of nomination should not exceed two. The Viewers to cast their vote & save the nominated contestant.

Terms & Conditions

1. In the upcoming week of the Program based on the votes generated by the each contest through the Voting Mechanism, 1 contestant getting the lowest Votes shall be eliminated from the Program.

2. The remaining contestant eligible to further participate in the subsequent episodes of the Program.
3. VTPL have the rights to modify the format of the Program, Final Rounds and accordingly the rules for Voting Mechanism at any time.

4. The Voting Mechanism will be announced during the telecast of the Program on the Channel.
5. The viewers can cast their vote to only nominated candidates on the particular week. Suppose the viewers to cast their vote other contestant that will be considered as null or invalid vote.

6. In the event of the day the contestant unable to perform and /or appear in any of the Rounds then the VTPL has the rights to replace such Contestant with a subsequent Contestant.
7. VTPL reserves the right to cancel and/or postpone the Program and /or the Final Rounds and/or extend or alter the Period without assigning any reasons.

Whom do you want to save from Elimination in week 9 of Vijay TV Nippon Super Singer Season 6?

Who is your favourite contestant in Vijay TV Nippon Super Singer Season 6?
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  1. Senthil Ganesh is the winner.

  2. My vote is for Senthil Ganesh.


  4. My vote is for Sendhil.

  5. My vote is for Senthil Ganesh.

  6. All the best for final contestants.

  7. I voted for Senthil Ganesh.

  8. My vote is for Senthil Ganesh.

  9. My vote is for Rajalaksmi.

  10. My vote for Rajalakshmi.

  11. My all vote for Raja.

  12. All The Best Guys.

  13. My vote is for Sudharsan.

  14. My vote is for Sireesha.

  15. My vote is for Rajalakshmi.

  16. My vote is for Raja Lakshmi. All the best.

  17. My vote for Rajalakshmi.

  18. My vote for Jayanthi. God is love. All the best Jayanthi.

  19. My vote is for Aswin.

  20. All the best for Jayanthi and Ashwin.

  21. My vote is for Aswin. All the best.

  22. Please friends vote for Jayanthi.

    1. Jayanthi, I wish you to get safe zone and win title.

    2. Please vote for Jayanthi sister.

    3. All the best Jayanthi. You are a good singer.

    4. Jayanthi, you will be become a great singer.

  23. Good luck Jayathi.

  24. Please vote for Jayanthi.

  25. All the best Jayanthi sister.

  26. All the best Jayanthi sister. My vote is for you.

  27. All the best Ajay.

  28. All the best Jayanthi.

  29. All the best Sunny. Give your best.

  30. Wish you all the best Ajay Krishna.

  31. All the best Greeshma.

  32. Senthil, you are going to win the title.

  33. All the best Sunny.

  34. Sunny is the Winner. All the best Sunny.

    1. My vote is for Sunny.

    2. Sunny is Best.

  35. How can I vote for Vinay?

    1. To cast your vote for Vinay, Just type “Super Single Vote” in the Google Search, you will get the nominated participants list for Eviction. Sign in with you Gmail account and vote to save Vinay from Eviction.

  36. This season super singer is filled with lots of talent.

    1. Of course. Have you cast your vote officially to save your favourite contestant from Eviction?

  37. How many votes can I vote per day?

    1. You have 50 votes/day so that you can vote each day for Three days.

  38. What time do the polls open and close?

    1. Voting Starts on Sunday, 8.30 PM and ends on 9 AM Tuesday.

  39. How many votes did sunny get till now?

    1. The result will be announced during every Saturday and the contestant who received least number of votes online will be eliminated from the show.

      As per this site Unofficial Public Opinion Poll (not count for result), Sunny is leading.

  40. Sunny, You have got a good singing voice.

    1. Have you cast your vote officially to save Sunny?

      To cast your vote for your favourite, Just type “Super Single Vote” in the Google Search, you will get the nominated participants list for Eviction. Sign in with you Gmail account and vote to save your favourite from Eviction.

  41. Vinay will win the title.

    1. To vote for Vinay, Go to the link “” and cast your votes.

  42. My vote is for Sunny. All the best Sunny.

    1. To save Sunny, Go to Google and Search ‘Super Singer Vote’ (or) ‘Super Singer Voting’, then Sign in with you Gmail account in order to vote.

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