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Star Vijay TV 10th Annual Awards Voting 2018 :

Organisation : Star Vijay TV
Contest Name : 10th Annual Vijay Awards Voting
Applicable For : All
Voting Deadline : 20th May, 2018
Website :

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Star Vijay Annual Awards Voting

The event is the 10th Edition of an Awards show organized by VTPL to honor/felicitate Movie Actors, Movies and Technical Crew of Movies released in the year 2017 in Tamil Language

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Awards Categories

The Awards are given for two sets of categories namely Best Category and Favorite Category.

Who Can Vote?

The Voters interested in participating in the Voting Mechanism must be above the age of 18 (eighteen) years and a resident of Territory.

Voting Period

The Voting shall commence on 11th May 2018 from 6:00 PM and will close on 20th May, 2018 at 6:00 PM

How To Vote?

To participate in the Voting, just follow the steps mentioned below

Step-1: Log in to the Website [] using your Facebook/Gmail Account (or) Signin Manually.

Step-2 : After Login, It will be redirected to the voting page. You can find the Categories tab in that page.

Step-3 : Click on the tab “Favorite Actor (Male)” and then select your favorite actor to submit your vote.

Step-4 : After submitting your vote, you will get the successful message shown below.

Step-5 : Do the step-3 for all categories to cast your vote.

Voter can cast only 1 (One) vote per Category per day per user.

Categories and Nominees

The Categories and the Nominees are as follows:

Favorite Film

1. AAA
2. Bogan
3. Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion
4. Mersal
5. Velaikaaran
6. S3
7. VIP 2
8. Vivegam
9. Vikram Vedha
10. Theeran
11. Thupparivalan

Favorite Song

1. Aazhaporan Tamizhan- Mersal
2. Azhagiyae- Kaatru Veliyidai
3. Bale Bale Baahubali- Baahubali 2 The Conclusion
4. Karuthavanlam Galeejam – Velaikaaran
5. Senthoora- Bogan

Favorite Director

1. KV Anand- Kavan
2. Atlee- Mersal
3. Hari- S3
4. Mohan Raja- Velaikaaran
5. Mysskin- Thupparivalan
6. Pushkar Gayathri – Vikram Vedha
7. SS Rajamouli- Baahubali 2 The Conclusion
8. Siruthai Siva- Vivegam
9. H. Vinoth – Theeran

Favorite Actor (Female)

1. Amala Paul- VIP 2
2. Anushka- Baahubali 2 The Conclusion
3. Hanshika- Bogan
4. Kajal Agarwal- Vivegam
5. Keerthi Suresh- Bairava
6. Nayanthara- Aramm
7. Samantha Ruth Prabhu- Mersal

Favorite Actor (Male)

1. Ajith- Vivegam
2. Dhanush- VIP 2
3. Jayam Ravi- Bogan
4. Karthi- Theeran Adhigaram Ondru
5. Prabhas- Baahubali 2 The Conclusion
6. Sivakarthikeyan- Velaikaaran
7. Simbu- AAA
8. Surya- S3
9. Vijay – Mersal
10. Vijay Sethupathi- Vikram Vedha
11. Vishal- Thupparivalan

Voting Terms

** The votes, for each of the category, should be casted only during the timelines.
** The Voters can cast their votes for only Nominated categories of the event who have been nominated by the Jury/Editorial Team.
** The Voting is to enable the Voters to choose their favorite nominee in each category(s) based on which the winner shall be declared.
** Hence the voters shall exercise free will and judgment while casting their votes.
** The Voting activity will be publicized on the Channel and the Digital Space of VTPL, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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  1. My favourite hero is Thalapathi Vijay.

  2. Vijay for Mersal.

  3. Thala Ajith is a best actor.

  4. My favorite hero is Ajith Kumar.

  5. Best actor is Ajith.

  6. Vijay is best.

  7. Vijay is best always.

  8. Best Actor Male is Vijay.
    Beat Movie is Mersal.

  9. Favorite Hero Vijay
    Favorite Director Atlee
    Favorite Movie Mersal
    Favorite Song Aazhaporan Tamilan
    Favorite Heroine Samantha

  10. Favorite Hero Thala
    Favorite Movie Vivegam
    Favorite Song Alaporan Thamizhan
    Favorite Heroine Keerthy Suresh
    Favorite Director Atlee

  11. Thala is my favorite hero.

  12. Favourite Actor: Ajith Kumar
    Favourite Film : Vivegam
    Favourite Song : Azhagiyae from Kaatru Veliyidai

  13. Favorite Hero -Vijay
    Favorite Movie -Mersal
    Favorite Director -Atlee
    Favorite Song -Azhaporan Thamizhan
    Favorite Heroine -Samantha

  14. Best hero is Vijay.

  15. THALA is my favourite actor.

  16. Best Actor Vijay
    Best Movie Mersal
    Best Director Atlee
    Best Song Alaporan Tamilan
    Best Heroine Samantha

  17. Best Actor- Thalapath Vijay
    Best Movie- Mersal

    1. Best actor is Thalapathy Vijay.

  18. Best Actor -Vijay
    Best Flim -Mersal
    Best Director -Atlee
    Best Song -Alaporan Thamizhan

  19. தளபதி அண்ணன் விஜய் அவர்கள்.

  20. 1.Best Actor Vijay Anna
    2.Best Song Aalaporaan Thamizhan
    3.Best Movie Mersal
    4.Best Director Atlee

  21. 1) Favorite Actor Thalapathy Vijay
    2) Favorite Movie Mersal
    3) Favorite Director Atlee
    4) Favorite Song Aalaporan Thamizhan

  22. Thalapathy Vijay is my favourite and best actor.

  23. Mersal is the best film.

  24. Thala Ajith will get the award for Vivegam.

  25. Actually I have forgotten to vote

    Best Director : Atlee
    Best Movie : Mersal
    Best Song : Alaporan Tamilan
    Best Hero : Vijay
    Best Heroine : Keerthy Suresh

  26. Favorite Hero -Vijay
    Favorite Movie -Mersal
    Favorite Director -Atlee
    Favorite Song -Azhaporan Thamizhan
    Favorite Heroine – Keerthi Suresh

  27. Favorite Actor(Male):Vijay
    Favorite Movie: Mersal
    Favorite Actor (Female) : Samantha
    Favorite Director: Atlee
    Favorite Song: Aazhaporan Tamilan

  28. I like actor Surya. All the best.

  29. I want to know that, can I get tickets for Vijay awards?

  30. Best actor is Surya.

  31. Favorite Hero -Vijay
    Favorite Movie -Mersal
    Favorite Director -Atlee
    Favorite Song -Azhaporan Thamizhan
    Favorite Heroine -Samantha

  32. Favorite Hero is Vijay
    Favorite Director is Atlee
    Favorite Song is Mersal Alaporan Tamilan
    Favorite Heroine is Samantha

  33. Favorite Actor Male : Vijay, Mersal
    Favorite Actor Female : Samantha, Mersal
    Favorite Movie : Mersal
    Favorite Song : Aazhaporan Tamilan, Mersal
    Favorite Director : Atlee, Mersal

  34. Best Heroine : Keerthy Suresh
    Best Hero : Vijay
    Best Director : Atlee
    Best Movie : Mersal
    Best Song : Alaporan Tamilan

  35. Best actor is Vijay
    Favourite film is mersal
    Favourite song is Alaporan Tamilan
    Favourite director is Atlee
    Favourite heroine is Samantha

  36. Favourite actor is Vijay and Favourite movie is Mersal.

  37. My favorite hero is Ajith.

  38. Favourite Flim is Mersal
    Favourite Hero is Vijay
    Favourite Director is Altee
    Favourite Actor Female is Nayanthara
    Favourite Song is Alaporan Tamizhan

  39. Favourite Actor is Thalapathy Vijay
    Favourite Heroine is Keerthi Suresh
    Favourite Comedy Actor is Yogi Babu
    Favourite Music Director is AR.Rahman
    Favourite Director is Atlee

  40. Best Actress is Nayanthara.

  41. Awards goes to Vijay, Samantha, Mersal, Alaporan Tamizhan, Atlee.

  42. Vijay will get the award for Mersal movie.

  43. Best actor is always Ajith.

  44. Thalapathi Vijay is my favourite hero.

  45. Favourite director is Atlee.

  46. Thalapathy Vijay is the best actor.

  47. Thuvaraka Mahenthiran

    Best Actresses are Shruti Haasan in Singam 3 and Samantha Ruth Akkineni in Mersal.

  48. Vijay, Samantha, Atlee, Aazhaporan Tamizhan, Mersal. All awards goes to mersal team.

  49. Mersal will take all awards.

  50. Ajith will get the award for Vivegam Movie for Handwork and technical voice.

  51. Best Male Actor : Vijay
    Best Female Actor : Samantha
    Best Director: Atlee
    Best Song : Alaporan Tamilan
    Best Movie : Mersal
    Best Comedian : Vadivel

  52. Best Actor is Vijay
    Best Film is Mersal
    Best Director is A.R Murugathos
    Best Heroine is Samantha
    Best Song is Alaporan Tamilan
    Best Music Director is A.R.Rahuman

  53. Vijay is the best actor and Atlee is the best director.

  54. Best hero is Dhanush.

  55. My actor is Ajith and actress is Nayanthara.

  56. Best actor is Surya.

  57. Vijay is the best actor for Mersal movie and all categories, Mersal will win.

  58. Best actress is Kajal Agarwal.

  59. Thala Ajith is best.

  60. Vijay is the best actor.

  61. Please tell me, How can I vote?

  62. Vijay is the best actor and Samantha is the best actress.

  63. Ajith is the best actor and Vivegam is the best film.

  64. Favorite Film- Mersal
    Favorite Song- Aazhaporon Tamilzhan
    Favorite Director- H.Vinoth
    Favorite Actress- Anushka
    Favorite Actor- Vijay

  65. Vijay Anna is the best actor.

  66. Favorite Actor Male : Vijay, Mersal
    Favorite Actor Female : Samantha, Mersal
    Favorite Movie : Mersal
    Favorite Song : Aazhaporan Tamilan, Mersal
    Favorite Director : Atlee, Mersal

  67. Best actor is Thala Ajith Kumar.

  68. Ajith is the best actor.

  69. Best actor is next super star Vijay.

  70. Ajith Kumar will get the best actor award for Vivegam.

  71. My favourite movie is Mersal
    My favourite actor is Vijay & Vijay Sethupathi
    My favourite song is Alaporan Thamizhan from Mersal
    My favourite director is Atlee.

  72. My favourite hero is Ajith.

  73. Best actor is thalapathy Vijay for movie Mersal.

  74. Best movie of Nyanthara is Aramm.

  75. Best male actor is Vijay anna.

  76. Simbu is the best actor.

  77. Best actor is Vijay.

  78. Best actress is Nayanthara for Aramm.

  79. Best actor is Vijay for Mersal.

  80. R. Ranjith Kumar

    Thala Ajith Kumar will win the best actor male award.

  81. Thala Ajith for Vivegam.

  82. Thala Ajith is the best hero.

  83. Always Thala Ajith Kumar is the best actor.

  84. Best actor is Vijay for movie Mersal .

  85. The best actor is thala Ajith for Vivegam.

  86. Thala is the best.

  87. All category awards goes to Mersal.

  88. Vijay is the best actor and best movie is Mersal.

  89. Best actor is Ajith and best movie is Vivegam.

  90. Thala Ajith is a Mass hero.

  91. Best actor is illaya thalapathy Vijay for Mersal movie.

  92. Best actor is Vijay for movie Mersal and best song is Aalaporan Tamilan.

  93. Vijay Anna will win the best actor award for Mersal.

  94. Best actor is Thalapathy Vijay for movie Mersal.

  95. Best Actor is Vijay.

  96. I am unable to vote after successful registration.

    1. You can also cast your vote using your Facebook/Gmail Account.

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