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Star Vijay TV 2018 Vivo Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Voting :

Organisation : Star Vijay TV
Show & Facility Name : Vivo Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Voting Online 2018
Hashtags : #VivoBiggBoss, #BiggBossTamil
Hosted By : Actor Kamal Haasan
Season 2 Starts From : 17th June 2018, Sunday
Show Timing : 9.00-10.30 PM (Weekdays) & 9-10 PM (Weekend)
Voting Cycle Ends : Starts Monday & Ends Midnight, Every Friday
Voting Link/ Vote Online :

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Star Vijay Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2

Bigg Boss is a Tamil reality show in its truest essence, aired on Star Vijay. With a 105 days of unadulterated drama, excitement, anticipation, fun, and of course, superstar Kamal Haasan as the host, this is a show you can’t afford to miss.

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After a successful Bigg Boss Season 1, Bigg Boss Tamil is now with its 2nd season. The episodes will be aired at 9 PM from Monday to Sunday for 100 days from June 17.

Who Can Vote?

The viewer interested in participating in the Poll, agrees that he/she is 18 years old or above.

How To Vote?

Viewers can save their favourite contestant by casting their votes online. Viewers have 10 votes per day. Voting ends midnight, every Friday.

Voting Modes:
The viewers interested in the poll can participate by choosing any of the two (2) mechanisms as mentioned below and shall be subject to the respective mechanisms requirements and rules.

Google Voting Mechanism

A viewer interested to cast his/her vote, by using Google Voting Mechanism, will be subject to the following

Step-1 : The viewer needs to go the Google Search Page and type the following keyword ‘Bigg Boss Vote’ (or) ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Voting’ (or) ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Vote’

Step-2 : The search results will list the Participant’s names.

Step-3 : The viewer has to cast his/her vote against the desired Participant’s names to save his/her from eviction.

Note :
Only a maximum of 10 votes per Day for each Gmail id, will be allowed through the Viewer’s Gmail account till the end of the Voting Cycle for the particular Episode, for a particular Shortlisted Participant.

Missed Call Mechanism

The viewer can cast his/her vote for saving the Shortlisted participant, he/she desires of the particular episode of the program, by dialing the number assigned for each participant and registering their vote through a missed call.

The number assigned for each participant shall be as under :

Note :
Only a maximum of 10 votes will be allowed per Phone Number during a Voting cycle.

Voting Cycle

The voting cycle for each Episode shall commence from the Start Date/time and end on the voting End Date/Time as detailed below:


** Aishwarya Dutta
** Vijayalakshmi
** Riythvika
** Janani

Eliminated List

** Mamathi Chari
** Ananth Vaidyanathan
** Ramya NSK
** Shariq Hassan
** Nithya
** Ponnambalam
** Vaishnavi
** Daniel Annie Pope
** Mahat
** Senrayan
** Mumtaz
** Yashika Anand
** Bhalajie

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Watch Now :

Voting Terms

** The Viewer interested in participating in the Voting, represents and warrants that he/she is 18 years old or above.
** Viewer(s) agree and acknowledge that there is no prize/gratification in voting for the Shortlisted Participant as detailed herein.
** The public votes get 100% weightage in deciding the eviction of a Shortlisted Participant at the end of each Voting Cycle.
** The Voting Mechanism will be announced during the telecast of the Program on the Channel.
** The Viewer will not be charged in the Missed Call Mechanism to cast the votes.
** The Viewer will not be charged in the Missed Call Mechanism to cast the votes.
** The Viewers will not receive any SMS or email confirmation for the votes cast by them during the period.

T&C Apply :

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  2. I don’t know, why all are trying to send Munthaz out even she gets high votes.

  3. Please save Rithu.

  4. My vote is for Rithvika.

  5. Big Boss Tamil show is fake.

  6. My vote is for Aishawarya.


  8. Please save Rithvika.

  9. Please support Mumtaz.

  10. Last week (9/9/2018) elimination is not fair. Vijay TV never do like this, then what happened to you now? Very bad.

  11. Aishwarya is worst character.

  12. நானும் தமிழன் தான் வந்தாரை வாழவைக்கும் தமிழ்நாடுன்னு சொல்லுறது எவ்ளோ பெருமையா இருக்கு, நானும் விஜய லட்சுமி வந்ததுல இருந்து பார்க்குறேன் ரொம்ப ஓவரா தான் பேசுறாங்க. ஆனா பாலாஜி, விஜி, ஜனனி, எல்லாரும் ஒன்னா சேர்ந்து அடுத்தவங்களை பேசுறது ரொம்ப தப்பு, முதல அவங்க யோக்கியமா இருக்கணும். பிக் பாஸ் நம்மள நல்ல முட்டாளாக்குறான், கமலும் சேர்ந்து தான். சென்ட்ராயன் போனதுக்கு அவ்ளோ பீல் பண்றானாம் அப்ப இந்த தப்பான ப்ரோக்ராம் நான் பண்ண மாட்டேன்னு போகவேண்டியது தான. அத விட்டுட்டு மத்ததெல்லாம் பேசி சீன் போடுறான்.

  13. Please save Rithvika.

  14. Guys, kindly vote through google (or) missed call service which are provided by Vijay TV, then only we can eliminate Aishwarya. Otherwise, Bigg Boss will save her.

  15. My vote is for Rithu.

  16. பிக் பாஸ் துரோகம் செய்கிறது. சென்ராயன் வாக்கு அதிகம், ஆனால் அவரை வெளியேற்றியது ஏன்? அவர் வெகுளி அதனால் அவரை ஏமாற்றி விட்டீர்கள். இந்த நிகழ்ச்சி பார்காதீர்கள்.

  17. Friends please vote and save Rithvika.

    1. Senrayan is the real winner of Bigg Boss 2.

  18. I don’t like Yashika. She tries to imitate Oviya.

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