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India Post 45th UPU Letter Writing Competition 2016

Organization : Department of Posts
Competition Name : 45th UPU Letter Writing Competition 2016
Applicable For : Children up to 15 years of age

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Website : https://www.indiapost.gov.in/vas/Pages/IndiaPostHome.aspx
Notification : https://www.contest.net.in/uploads/3698-Upload.pdf

45th UPU Letter Writing Competition 2016:

1. Subject : “Write a letter to your 45 year old self”
2. Participants eligibility: Children up to 15 years of age as on 31.03.2016

Related / Similar Contest : India Post Letter Writing Competition 2017

3 Content and form: Composition should be presented in the form of a letter and do not exceed 1000 words length on the given subject.
4. Date & Time: Sunday 3 January 2016 10:00 am to 11:00 am
5. Language: English or any language listed in the 8th schedule of the Constitution of India

6. Prizes (At national level):
a) One First Prize Rs. 5000/- and a certificate.
b) One Second Prize Rs. 3000/- and a certificate.
c) One third prize Rs. 2000/- and a certificate.
d) Consolation Prizes Rs. 1000/- to the best entry from each Postal Circle and certificate.

The best entry at the national level shall quatify as the Official Indian Entry for the International level Competition

The Universal Postal Union shall select the award winning entries. The top three entries will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal respectively along with Certificate and album of UPU official postage stamps from UPU.

8. It mav be ensured that each and every entry must have the following details on its first page in respect of the candidates:
1. Candidate’s passport size photograph
2. Candidate’s name.
3. Date of Birth
4. Male / Female.
5. Father’s /Guardian’s name.
6. Name of the School / Institution
7. Full Postal Address.

For further details, please contact the Chief Postmasters General / Postmasters General / Director Postal Services of your Circle / Region. Information will also be available on the Department’s Website.

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  1. Cygnet

    Now its high time UPU. We are dying for the results. Please announce the result.

  2. ANVI

    When will the result be declared?

  3. Gayathri

    I am from Chennai. Where can I take the exam?


    When will we get the result?

  5. Archana

    When will the results of this Competition be declared?

  6. A.K

    May I know the result of the competition, please?

  7. Prachi Rikhari

    When are we supposed to get result of the competition?

  8. Anvi

    When the result of 45th UPU letter writing competition 2016 will be declared?

  9. Cygnet

    When will we get the results???

  10. Dr Manzoor Ahmad Ahanger

    Who are the toppers from India in 45th upu letter writing& who are from J& K circle?

  11. nikhil

    When will they declare the results?

  12. Aditya

    When will be the result out for letter writing competition?

  13. Ankita

    When is the result of competition?

    1. Admin

      Result of Republic Day, 2016 stamp design competition on the theme “Vibrant India” is available in the official website.


    Can I know result date?

  15. Agrataa Bhattacharya

    When will the result be announced?

  16. Mimansa

    Can I know the results date?

  17. DV


  18. chahak

    How can we know results?

    1. Administrator

      When they declare results, we will make it available here for you to know.

  19. ankita

    Is the result declared?

  20. ankita

    It was nice experience to write this letter. When is the results date?

  21. Prachi Rikhari

    It was a nice experience to be there in the competition.
    Just hoping for the best.
    When are the results going to be declared?

  22. Srinidhi

    Very interesting and also difficult. Tomorrow I’ll try my best from Coimbatore.

  23. aarti kumari

    I am unaware about details of my center. How shall I attend the competition? It is very necessary that department opens such type of competition with full updated details.

  24. Roopasree

    Where is the centre for krishnagiri district?

  25. amita

    If we’ve to write an informal type letter, then, do we’ve to write our address before starting our letter or not?

  26. thiyagaraajan

    The topic is very difficult.

    1. shah tirth vadodara

      Very excited movement but when will they will declare the result?

  27. Shradha

    Where is the competition centre? I am from Puri, Odisha.

  28. kriti

    Can we copy or get help from the internet?

    1. Administrator

      You can get ideas from internet. Copying is called plagiarism.

  29. Kunal. Siddharth

    Very interesting and difficult topic.



    1. thiyagaraajan

      The competition is in Anjuham Hr. Sec. School, West Mambalam,Chennai-600 033.

  31. asanvutha

    Where is the competition centre? Where is the venue and where should I write?

  32. aakanksha

    I am class 10 student with DOB 28-9-99. Am I eligible for the competition?

  33. Ramya

    Challenging topic. But interesting.

  34. Anonymous

    How can I get the information about my centre?


    Can we not write less than 1000 words?

  36. Snigdha

    Can you please define the topic I can’t understand.

  37. Snigdha

    I cant understand d meaning of the topic ‘send a letter to your 45 year old self’.
    What will I talk with 45 year self. Please tell me.

    1. Administrator

      Is that not what the competition is about?

    2. Anonymous


  38. EniyaVarshini

    What is the time duration?

    1. Admin

      Time duration is 1 hour

    2. Snigdha

      10 to 11

      In the morning in school premises

  39. EniyaVarshini

    When will the results be announced?

    1. Admin

      After the competition gets over the notification about results may get announced.

  40. anushaa

    I can’t understand the topic.

    1. anika

      Its about writing a letter from your age of 45 years to yourself, everything about you which you like.

  41. K sai venkata surender

    What are the centers for this contest in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh?

  42. divyanka

    Can you please tell that where we have to come for this competition?

  43. ankita bohidar

    I do not under stand anything about this topic.

    1. Administrator

      If you do not understand the topic, how will you write essay?

  44. M Bhuvanika

    I want apply for 45th UPU letter writing competition 2016. Should I write in TAMIL language ?

    1. Administrator

      Yes, you can write in English or any language listed in the 8th schedule of the Constitution of lndia.

  45. Subhiksha T, Sivaganga, Kendriya Vidyalaya

    The topic seems little confusing and I believe I have to consider myself as 45 year old and write a letter to me. Am I correct?

    1. Ramya

      Yes, that is what they said.

    2. Administrator


  46. saranya

    I want more than 50 points about the given topic.

    1. Administrator

      Why don’t you outsource the job? ;-)

  47. aksharaa

    What is the topic for the competition?

    1. Administrator

      Subject for the competition is – “Write a letter to your 45 year old self”

  48. pp

    When will the result be announced?

  49. Thanmay Hegde

    I want more information about the subject.

    1. balan

      I want some points about 45 years old self.

  50. Aryan

    It will be given by school as mine. I am not sure, but I think so.

  51. pankaj.gupta iam from our lady of Dolours high school i am from 7std

    I like this competition.

  52. Anonymous

    You have to write a letter to 45 years old yourself.

  53. Amritha mohan

    How should the to and from address be? Are they both our name and current address?

  54. Akshaya

    Can you please define the topic?

    1. Admin

      My guess is you have to predict yourself age as 45 years old and need ti write letter on your own. But I am not sure.

  55. vandita gautam

    Please tell that from where will we get the form and where we have to give the exam?

    1. Administrator

      Contact the Chief Postmasters General / Postmasters General / Director Postal Services of your Circle / Region.

  56. faiza

    I am in UAE. Will I be able to participate?

    1. Administrator

      I could not find any information related to this.

  57. ameera faizal

    Can you define topic?
    How to register online?

    1. Admin

      For more details, please contact the Chief Postmasters General / Postmasters General / Director Postal Services of your Circle / Region.

  58. ameera faizal

    How we can register online?
    Can you define the topic?
    I am from Ernakulam district in kerala.
    Where will be my competition center?

    1. Administrator

      I do not think you can register online.

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