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Zee Telugu ZKA Kutumbam Awards Live Polling/Voting 2018 :

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Organisation : Zee Telugu (
Facility Name : ZKA Zee Kutumbam Awards Live Polling/Voting 2018
Applicable For : Viewers
Hashtags : #ZeeKutumbamAwards2018, #ZKA2018, #ZeeTelugu
Website :

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Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards Voting

Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards are awarding nominees across various categories through the popular choice awards for which winners are determined based on the selection process of voting done by Voters.

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Zee Telugu Kutumbam Awards nomination lists are out. Vote for your favourites.

Who Can Vote?

The Viewers interested in participating in the Poll must be above the age of eighteen (18) years, must be a citizen of India and must be a resident of India during the applicable Poll Period.

How To Vote ?

To participate in the Poll, the Viewer shall be a viewer of the Channel and its programs.

Step-1: Go to the official Facebook page of Zee Telugu through

Step-2: You can find the Live Polling videos there

Step-3: Comment your favourite option in the comment section.

Note :
Please comment with your favourite option as ‘a’ or ‘b’ or ‘c’ etc. Please do not comment their names.

Categories & Nominees

The Categories and the Nominees are as follows

Favorite Hero:
** Comment ‘A’ For Aditya
** Comment ‘B’ For Ram
** Comment ‘C’ For Madhu
** Comment ‘D’ For Hari, Dhanush
** Comment ‘E’ For Vamsi
** Comment ‘F’ For Jai
** Comment ‘G’ For Deva
** Comment ‘H’ For Virat
** Comment ‘I’ For Krishna
** Comment ‘J’ For Shankar
** Comment ‘K’ For Venkateswarulu

Favorite Heroine:
** Comment ‘A’ For Tulasi
** Comment ‘B’ For Gundamma
** Comment ‘C’ For Mrudula
** Comment ‘D’ For Siri
** Comment ‘E’ For Vasundhara
** Comment ‘F’ For Manga
** Comment ‘G’ For Parvathy
** Comment ‘H’ For Bhoomi
** Comment ‘I’ For Radha
** Comment ‘J’ For Vaidehi

Favorite Kodalu:
** Comment ‘A’ For Gundamma
** Comment ‘B’ For Vaidehi
** Comment ‘C’ For Suhasini
** Comment ‘D’ For Parvathy
** Comment ‘E’ For Manasi
** Comment ‘F’ For Manga

Favorite Villain (Female) :
** Comment ‘A’ For Venktalakshmi
** Comment ‘B’ For Priya
** Comment ‘C’ For Sarayu
** Comment ‘D’ For Neelambari
** Comment ‘E’ For Soni
** Comment ‘F’ For Nakshtra
** Comment ‘G’ For Nithya
** Comment ‘H’ For Nandhika
** Comment ‘I’ For Alekhya

Favorite Jodi :
** Comment ‘A’ For Aditya – Tulasi
** Comment ‘B’ For Gundamma – Ram
** Comment ‘C’ For Mrudula – Madhu
** Comment ‘D’ For Siri – Hari
** Comment ‘E’ For Vasundhara – Vamsi
** Comment ‘F’ For Manga – Jai
** Comment ‘G’ For Deva – Parvathy
** Comment ‘H’ For Bhoomi – Virat
** Comment ‘I’ For Radha – Krishna

Favourite Atta :
** Comment ‘A’ For Kanakadurga
** Comment ‘B’ For Nageswari, Lokeshwari
** Comment ‘C’ For Suryakantham
** Comment ‘D’ For Chamundeswari
** Comment ‘E’ For Brahmini
** Comment ‘F’ For Akhilandeswari
** Comment ‘G’ For Bhanumathi
** Comment ‘H’ For Kalpana

Stay tuned to #ZeeTelugu for more updates.

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  1. H for kalyanavaibhogam jai,manga

  2. Vamshi and Vasundhara for Matemanthram.

  3. My favorite hero is Vamsi and heroine is Vasundhara.

    1. My favourite villain is neelambri

  4. Favorite hero is ‘G’.

  5. Favorite heroine is Mrudula.

  6. Favorite Heroine is ‘G’ Parvaty.

  7. Favorite villan is Sarayu.

  8. Favorite heroines are ‘G’ and ‘H’.

  9. Favorite Kodalu is Parvati.

  10. Favorite Jodi is Mrudula and Madhu.

  11. Favorite heroine is Mrudula.

  12. Best Uttama Villan is ‘C’.

  13. My vote is for ‘D’ Parvati for Muddamandaram.

  14. Favorite heroine is Parvati.

  15. I like serial ‘F’.

  16. Favorite Jodi “F”
    Favorite Hero “F”
    Favorite Heroine “F”
    Favorite Kodalu “F”
    Favorite Villan “F”
    Favorite Atha “H”

  17. Favourite Heroine : Manga(F)
    Favourite Hero : Jai (F)
    Favourite Kodalu : Manga (F)
    Favourite Jodi : Manga & Jai (F)
    Favourite Villain : Nithya (G)

    1. My favourite hero is “F”

  18. Favorite Atta ‘F’
    Favorite Jodi ‘G’
    Favorite Villain ‘H’
    Favorite Kodalu ‘D’
    Favorite Heroine ‘G’
    Favorite Hero ‘G’

  19. My vote goes to Manga and Jai.

  20. Favorite heroine is Manga.

  21. Favorite Hero ‘F’
    Favorite Heroine ‘F’
    Favorite Kodalu ‘F’
    Favorite Villain (Female) ‘G’
    Favorite Jodi ‘F’
    Favourite Atta ‘H’

    1. my favourite was arya and anu

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