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Britannia Marie Gold Mystartup Contest 2018 :

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Organisation : Britannia Industries Limited
Contest Name : Britannia Marie Gold Mystartup Contest 2018
Applicable For : Women Having Business Ideas
Contest Last Date : 15th January, 2019
Prize: Win Rs. 10,00,000/-
Website :

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Britannia Marie Gold Mystartup Contest

Britannia Marie Gold Mystartup Contest is an initiative by Britannia Industries Limited that aims to empower women in the true sense by enabling them to fulfil their dreams. It gives an enormous platform to the aspirants to ‘Be More and Do More’.

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Any and every Indian woman, working/non-working/Student of 18 years or older can participate with her idea.

How To Participate?

Step1: Purchase any pack of Britannia Marie Gold.
Step2: Give a missed call to <7026870268> OR Login to the website and complete your registration.
Step3: If you gave a missed call -You shall receive a reply SMS with further details to complete your registration.
Step4: Britannia will call you back from 7026870268 through an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and you have to answer the questions asked to you on call to complete your registration. These questions would have already been shared on the SMS (in step 3).

Post the IVR -Only when you receive an acknowledgement that your registration has been accepted is your participation confirmed. IF not please retry by giving a missed call.

Contest Period

Start date for Registrations: October 22nd, 2018
End date for accepting Registrations: January 15th, 2019

Selection Process

** The entries will be screened by the Jury, who will evaluate each entry based on various parameters.
** The Jury reserves the right to request further information from Participant regarding the entry.
** This does not guarantee selection and is a part of the shortlisting process.

Shortlisted/ Call Back

** The names of the shortlisted candidates will be published on Website within 30 (thirty) days of the Contest end date.
** Britannia shall declare the Top 10 winners not later than 90 (ninety) days from Contest end date.
** If you are shortlisted for the next round, Britannia or its agency will connect with you for some basic identification to confirm your name, gender, nationality, etc.
** In the event the shortlisted Participant’s number is busy, unreachable, or she does not attend the call, two (2) more attempts will be made to reach the Participant on that day and/or the next day.
** If even on the third attempt, the Participant does not attend the call, or is unreachable, the Participant’s participation in the Contest comes to an end and the Participant’s entry stands cancelled and Participant becomes ineligible to give the presentation.
** If any shortlisted Participant remains unreachable on the third attempt or is not interested in continuing in the Contest or is otherwise ineligible to participate, Britannia/agency shall select the next best business idea and contact the next shortlisted Participant.

Shortlisted Participants should be prepared for:
** Telephonic /skype interview and / or
** Travel for two days to a Britannia decided destination on dates decided by Britannia for a next round of presentation to a Jury face to face.
** Travel (Pick up and drop arrangements) and stay (as per the requirement) will be organized by Britannia or its agency.
** The shortlisted Participants shall adhere to the same and not demand for change of the arrangements made.


For any feedback, suggestions, queries, email us on

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