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Star India Value Channel Pack Offer Prices/ Subscription :

Organisation : Star India
Offer Name : Star Value Pack
Applicable States/UTs : All Over India
Website :

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Star Value Pack

Star India Packs are available at same price across platforms- Cable/DTH/HITS/IPTV as per the new TRAI Regulations.

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Choose your Star Channel Pack for the best of Sports and Entertainment and Call your service provider to subscribe to Star Channels.

Star Value Pack Subscription

To subscribe to Star Value Pack, please contact your service provider to subscribe to Star Value Pack .

Star Value Pack Prices








Star Channels

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Star Value Pack FAQs

How will the consumer be charged by the service provider in the new regime?
The service provider is entitled to charge the consumers for the following:
** Fixed operating charges towards network capacity (Network Capacity Fees) that the service provider must declare upfront
** MRPs (exclusive of applicable taxes) for the pay channel packs and a-la-carte channels which are opted by the consumers
** All applicable taxes

The service provider must also provide a detailed bill including the breakup of the above components. For example, a consumer has opted for Star’s Hindi Value pack with an MRP of Rs 49 (exclusive of applicable taxes) through the service provider.

The service provider has declared a Network Capacity Fee of Rs 130 for a combination of 100 FTA and Pay Channels. In this instance, the consumer’s bill shall be calculated as Rs 130 + Rs 49 = Rs 179 plus taxes. Additionally you will also be required to pay the MRP (exclusive of applicable taxes) for any other pay channels that you may have subscribed.

What do channel bouquet/pack of Channels and A-la-carte Channels mean?
A channel bouquet/pack is a combination of channels that are offered together at one price. This helps the consumers to conveniently choose their favorite bouquet/pack of channels that cater to the diverse needs of a household. Such channel packs can be made available by both Broadcasters or the service providers.

Star has created various language based channel packs to provide you with all your favorite content like Drama, Movies, Sports and Knowledge in one place. To know more about various Star channel packs please visit here

The consumer also has the option to individually select each channel that they wish to subscribe. Such selection of channels on individual basis is referred to as A-la-carte.

Can service providers create their own channel pack?
Yes, the service providers can create their own pack by combining various channel packs and/or a-la-carte channels offered by various broadcasters. Please contact your service provider for further details on channel packs or visit your service provider’s website for the same.

Are the MRPs declared on Star’s website inclusive of taxes?
No. The prices are excluding applicable taxes.

Why are some service providers charging different prices for Star Channels (A-la-carte or Channel packs)?
The service provider cannot charge the consumer higher than the declared MRPs (exclusive of applicable taxes) for Star’s channels and packs.

How are High Definition (HD) channels different from Standard Definition(SD) channels and why the rates are different?
HD channels provide a superior picture and sound quality. They offer better picture resolution as well as a digital Dolby sound to enable a theatre like viewing experience. Hence in view of enhanced viewing experience provided by HD channels, the rates differ from SD channels.

However, to enjoy HD Channels, you need to have a HD enabled TV as well as a HD Set Top Box and subscribe to HD channels.

Star offers a large variety of HD content with more than 25 channels. To know more about our HD packs please visit here

Can I avail all Star Channels in one single channel pack?
Star has created various language based channel packs which includes Value packs and Premium packs to cater to diverse needs of the viewers and the viewers have the option to choose their favourite channel packs .

STAR’s Value packs, which are cost effective, offer diverse content including Drama, Movies, Sports and knowledge in a single channel pack. Star’s premium packs also offer the best of international content and marquee sports in addition to the Value Pack content. Please contact your service provider for availability of Star Channels.

I have already purchased an annual pack; will I get refund?
Request you to contact your service provider for further details and clarity on the validity of your existing pack and for any changes on the same.

What can the consumer do if the service provider is not providing Star Channels?
If the service provider is not providing Star Channels, the consumer may either request for the same or alternatively switch to a service provider who is providing Star channels in their area.

If I’m purchasing a channel pack and don’t want a particular set of channels in the pack, can I get a refund?
Star has crafted channel packs keeping in mind the diverse requirements of consumers. In case you do not want all the channels in the subscribed channel pack, you may select another channel pack or subscribe to channels on A-la-carte basis.

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