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Star Marathi Ek Tappa Out Audition 2019 :

Organisation : STAR India
Contest Name :  Ek Tappa Out Audition 2019
Applicable For : Person who is between the age of 20 years and 35 years
Audition Last Date : 24th March 2019
Website :

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Star Marathi Ek Tappa Out Audition

Ek Tappa Out is comedy based reality Show in Marathi language.

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Audition Period

The Auditions will commence from 3rd March 2019 , and conclude on 24th March 2019.


The Audition is strictly open to Contestant (s) between the age of 20 years and 35 years, as of March 1, 2019 and must be a citizen of India during the Period of the Auditions.

Audition Centres

Level 1 of the Audition process to be conducted in 6 cities, i.e Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nasik, Ratnagiri or any other such city as the Company may nominate.

Procedure To Register

Registration process will take place at the Audition Centre in Level 1 Auditions.

To register and to participate in the Auditions,
(a) The interested Contestant shall have a unique registration code provided to him /her at the Audition Centre

(b) Fill and execute a registration form at the Audition Centre and duly submit all personal information as may be required to be submitted by them on the registration form in a manner and form, as requested and /or prescribed therein.

(c) the interested Contestant shall submit necessary identity proving documentation at the respective Audition Centre.

Audition Levels

The Auditions for the Program shall be conducted at the Audition Centres in the manner as detailed below:

Level 1

Part 1:
i. The Contestant(s) will be asked to perform any comedy act of his/her/their choice primarily in Marathi language in the presence of the Panel (defined below) including but not limited to impressions, mimicry, stand-up comedy, musical comedy, dance comedy, hasya kavi, etc.

ii. For avoidance of doubt it is clarified that the decision of the Panel shall be final in this regard.

iii. The top rated Acts shall be shortlisted at the discretion of the Panel for participation in Part 2 of LEVEL 1.

Part 2:
i. Thereinafter on the same day, the Participants shortlisted by the Panel in Part 1 of LEVEL 1 shall once again perform an Act before the Panel, who will then rate the Participants on the basis of the choice of Act, personality, confidence, overall performance, etc.

ii. The Acts performed by Participants across various Audition Centres in Maharashtra shall be reviewed collectively by the Panel and/or Company and the top rated Contestant shall be shortlisted at the discretion of the Company and /or the Panel, based on criteria mentioned above, for the next level of Auditions and will be informed over the phone and/or other communication of their selection and will also be given brief details of the same such as address of the Audition Centre in Mumbai, date and time of the Auditions, etc.

Level 2 (Televised Auditions)

i. Participant(s) shortlisted at Level 1 shall be required to be present in the Audition Centre in Mumbai to participate and perform in Level 2 Auditions located in Mumbai on specific dates and time as decided and communicated by the Company.

ii. The cost of travel and lodging of such Participant(s) to Mumbai for Level 2 Auditions shall be borne by the Company/Production House. If the Participant(s) fails to attend the Audition at the venue on the date and time as informed by the Company, the Entry of the Participant(s) will be deemed invalid and the Company shall be free to select any other deserving Participant at its own discretion.

Level 3

Level 3 will be held in Mumbai. The Contestant(s) shall be evaluated by an esteemed panel of judges who shall be judging the performance of Participants in the Program and /or forming part of the Program (“ Judges”) engaged by the Company at its sole discretion.

The Judges and/or Company shall based on the acts performed by the Contestants in Level 3, select Show Player(s) for the Program. The selected Show Player(s) shall have to ensure that they will make themselves available for all shoot dates and travel to any place for the shoot of the Program, as may be informed by the Company from time to time.

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