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Dream11 IPL T20 Fantasy League 2019 :

Organisation : Dream11
Contest Name : IPL Fantasy League 2019
Applicable For : Fans
Contest Last Date : IPL 2019 Final Match
Website :

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Dream11 IPL Fantasy League

Do you love following sports leagues? Are you the kind of sports fan who watches every match in the season? Rejoice, IPL Fantasy Season Challenge is for you!

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As the name suggests, IPL Fantasy Tournament lasts over the course of the entire tournament rather than a single match. You can also join contests for a particular round.

In the IPL Fantasy Tournament, you have to pick players from all teams playing in a league. Unlike Daily Fantasy, you can create only one team over the course of the season.

However, you can make up to 5 free trades before the Last Date of every round. Use them wisely to create the best team you can.

How To Play?

Login & Registration

You can log in through your Dream11 account and start playing instantly. If you don’t have a Dream11 account, one will automatically be created for you when you register on IPL Fantasy Season Challenge. You can use the same credentials to play on Dream11 as well.

Login/ Register :

Creating A Team

Creating your team is really easy!

1) Simply pick 11 players you want within a budget of 100 credits. It’s important to find a balance between high-priced players and value picks.
2) You have to pick a minimum and maximum number of players from each category. Ensure that you have the right mix of players.

Your team needs to consist the following:
** min 1 max 2 Wicket-keepers
** min 3 max 5 Batsmen
** min 1 max 3 All-rounders
** min 3 max 5 Bowlers
** min 1 Uncapped player
** maximum 4 Overseas players

3) Overseas players are basically foreign players who have nor represented India internationally.
4) Uncapped players are Indian players who haven’t played for the national side yet.
5) You cannot pick more than 7 players from a single team
6) Select a Captain (2X Points) and Vice-Captain (1.5X Points) of your choice. The performance of your Captain and Vice-Captain is extremely important to help your team score big. So select these two players carefully.
7) When you create your team for the first time, you will automatically be part of the Season Long Contest and Round Contest.

Round Status

There are 3 round statuses in IPL Fantasy Season Challenge:

The Round Status before the Last Date (The official match start time of the 1st match of the round). You can make changes to your team only when the round status is OPEN.

The Round Status immediately after the Last Date hits. The status will remain LIVE till the final match of the round ends.

The Round Status as soon as the final match of the round ends. Your team’s score will be reviewed after the status is CLOSED.

Remember: You can make trades only for rounds with status OPEN

Trading Players

Trading players is one of the key features of the IPL Fantasy Tournament.

Here are a few things to remember about trades:
** You can make a maximum of 5 free trades before the Last Date of every round. Additional trades (also called Premium Trades) will cost you -10 Fantasy Points per trade.
** If you trade out your Captain or Vice-Captain, you will have to select a new one before confirming the trades
** If you only change your Captain or Vice-Captain to an existing player, this will not be counted as a trade.
** Any changes you make to your team will apply to all contests you’ve joined – the Tournament Contest, Round Contests and Private Contests.
** Keep track of the round status to ensure that you have enough time for trades and changing your C & VC!

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