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Humanity Olympiad 2019 Attempt Online 5th International Satyug Darshan Trust :

Organisation : Humanity Development Club (Satyug Darshan Trust)
Contest Name : Attempt 5th International Humanity Olympiad 2019
Applicable For : All Age Groups (Housewives, Professional, Businessmen, Etc)
Last Date : 1st August, 2019
Website :

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International Humanity Olympiad

The Satyug Darshan Trust Faridabad in its first attempt conducted an exam “International Equanimity Olympiad”.

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Under this Olympiad through an exam based on humanity, morality and ethics everyone was motivated to become a good human-being by adopting the state of equality.

Attempt Olympiad

Exam of excellence in values of humanity, morality and ethics. To attempt the olympiad enter the following details and finally click on “Start” button

Take Quiz Here :

** Enter Your Name
** Enter Your Email ID
** Enter Your Phone Number
** Enter Your City/Town, State
** Select Your Class/College/Individual
** Enter Your School Code/ College Code/ Coaching Center Code/ Else None
** Enter Referral Name (if any)

Important things to note while filling details,
** Zip is same as Pincode.
** The result will be mailed to the entered email-id so please enter correctly.
** Phone Numbers will be used to contact the winners.
** Do fill your coaching center / school name correctly.

Olympiad Stages

There are two stages.
1. Screening : (To be conducted from 15th April,2019 to 1st August,2019)
The preliminary stage which is open to all. In this stage multiple attempts are allowed. One needs minimum 90% score in Screening stage to graduate to Mains stage.

2. Mains :
Qualifying screening is a prerequisite. Online test would be conducted on 15th and 16th August, 2019 comprising of next level questions. It would also include Interviews of meritorious students.

Olympiad Benefits

** It will enable them to assess their knowledge of humanity, morality and ethics
** Each student will receive an e-certificate on scoring above the passing percentage (40%)
** Exciting prizes like Laptops, Smart Phones, e-Gadgets etc for top scorers


1. Is there any participation fee?
No, it’s free of cost.

2. What is the benefit to the schools/coaching centres by conducting the Olympiad?
** An opportunity for the institutions to work for the betterment of society.
** As the exam acquaints students with their true human values, thereby leaders of tomorrow are being made better human beings today.

** An opportunity to celebrate the World Equanimity Day held on September 7, 2019 at Satyug Darshan Vasundhara, Faridabad. Winners will be awarded on this day at our main campus.

** Name of the institution along-with pictures on the official social media channel

3. How will the results be categorized?
Results would be finalized by combining the scores obtained in both Screening and Mains. Results will be compiled based on 3 categories –

i. School and Coaching Center Module
** Ankur- For Class 5 to 8
** Taruvar- For Class 9 to 12

ii. College Module
Drakahat- Includes all Years

iii. Individual Module
Pushp- Open for everyone (Teachers, Corporates, Housewives etc

4. How can I view my certificate?
The link to your certificate will be sent to the your respective Email-id.

5. How will the school students attempt the Olympiad online?
The school can either use their respective computer labs for conducting the Olympiad or ask the students to attempt the Olympiad as a moral science homework.

6. What if any individual does not has an e-mail id ?
You can enter anyone’s email address and take the certificate from that mail id.

7. Who all can attempt the Olympiad besides school/colleges/coaching centres?
It is open to all Age groups (Housewives, professional, businessmen, etc.)

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