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Colors Tamil Kodeeswari Voot App Daily Jackpot Question Contest 2019 : Win Smart Phone Everyday

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Organisation : Colors Tamil [Voot]
Show Name : KOD Kodeeswari (KBC Tamil)
Contest Name : Voot KOD Ghar Baithe Jeeto (or) Daily Jackpot Question Contest 2019
Applicable For : Viewers
Hashtags : #ColorsKodeeswari | #Voot | #ColorsTamil | #Kodeeswari
Prizes : Win a Smart Phone Everyday and Home Makeover By Nippon Paint
Last Episode : 14th February 2020
Website :

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Colors Tamil Kodeeswari

For the first time ever, Kodeeswari (KBC Tamil) is opening its doors exclusively for women! Hosted by the much-celebrated Tamil actor Raadikaa Sarathkumar, the quiz show puts a spotlight back on women empowerment! So ladies, get ready to reach the Hot Seat and Win KBC Tamil 2019!.

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Daily Jackpot Question Contest

Voot Jackpot Question KOD (or) Voot Ghar Baithe Jeeto is a skill based online quiz game available on Voot Application

How To Participate?

Viewers can participate by registering on Voot Application and navigating to the contest page on Voot Application.

Jackpot Questions will be available on the contest page on Voot as per the following schedule and shall be open for participation till the end of the respective Episode on the Channel

To participate in the Contest,
** Download Voot Application from the app store for iOS or play store for android or Jio store for JioPhone.
** Log in by using/linking their Google or Facebook user ID and passwords to the Voot Application; and
** Navigate to the contest page by clicking on the banner and provide additional information such as their name, phone number, etc., as required on the landing page for the Contest in the Voot Application


Downloading Voot Application and participating in the Jackpot Question Contest is free of cost, however data charges may apply. For further details please contact your telecom operator.

Playing Rules

** During each original telecast of the episode of the Show, the participants will have to answer one (01) Daily Jackpot Question within the Stipulated Time.
** The Stipulated Time varies for each Daily Jackpot Question(s) across different Episodes depending on at what point during the Episode the Daily Jackpot Question is displayed on-air within the respective Episode.
** Only the participants who have submitted correct answer to the Daily Jackpot Question shall be considered for the Prize/Gratification.
** Points scored by participants across multiple days will get accumulated. In the event a participant is terminated mid-session for any reasons whatsoever, the participants will have to wait till the next question is asked on the Show, in order to continue scoring points.
** Once the “Lock Your Answer” button has been pressed, the participants will not be allowed to change the answer.
** If the colour of the button does not change, the server has not received the response and the participants would be required to press the button again.
** Please note that the participants has to select the answer option and press the button within the Stipulated Time.
** Post submission (locking) of the answer, the participants (s) will not be permitted to modify / alter / change the answer submitted.
** Only the answers received within the Stipulated Time will be considered valid.


The Winner of each Episode shall be eligible for a prize of one (one) mobile phone either

(1) Samsung Galaxy M10 (Ocean Blue , 3GB RAM, 32GB Storage); or

(2) Redmi 7 (Eclipse Black, 2GB RAM, SD 632, 32GB Storage, 4000mAH Battery) of maximum value not more than INR 7000/- (Indian National Rupees Seven Thousand Only) inclusive of gift taxes or any other government taxes as applicable.

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  1. Hello mam how r sathya from karaikal.i want to play kodeeswari to join with u because it’s my that time my dad have proud these gaming.enga appava kovrava paduthanum plz

  2. i like to play kodeswri

  3. kodeswari i want to play online

  4. Please mam Kodeeswari program la velaiyadanum mam. Call pannunga mam.

  5. I want to play in KODEESWARI PROGRAMME.

  6. Iam paticipeting kodishwaree program plz help me

  7. Hi mam naan audition vanthen hotsheet select avenu rompa asaiya irunthen.but yenaku phone call varala.rompa varuthama irukku. Na pichakkarinu nirayaper sollirukkanga.avanga yellarayum kodeeshwari nu solla vaikka intha programme hotsheet rompa helpfulla irukkummu nenachen.but mudia

  8. Hello mam nice meeting.i want participated your program.pls say how to join?

  9. Hello mam I am saranyasuresh my family is very poor so give me a one chance please mam

  10. Hi mam I’m vasanthakumari.studying in B.Sc, family background is very poor.we’are not able to get a everyday food.if u give me a chance to play in this game.I would like to pay all our debts and make my dad happy and our big dream to uild a home for us.its my childhood dream fill now its not achieved.really i will thank u if u give me one chance to participate in this game.we are in very bad situation mam.plaae kind me to join in your show.this is not only for the money mam.its also included my dad’s pain to removeby me.pls give me a chance to participate in this game mam…pls help me mam.

  11. Hi Mam na madurai la iruken My name imthiyas fathima na game showla velayadanum romba kadan prechanaila pls help me

  12. How can i participate pls

  13. Hi mam I am Lakshmi very bold women shitthi ur program very nice vaanga vilaiyadalam kodeeswari I will join the program mam pls very dreem in life I have three children pls join with me shitthi vellore velapadi I will best the program plsrequest

  14. vanakam madam yen peyar santhi yenaku 2 khulanthaigal irukkiruthu yenaku udalnilai weakaaka ullathu pillaigal padipirku panam devai padukiruthu adhanaal enaku kodeeswari gameil kalaunthu kolla oru vaaippu thaarungal madam!

  15. Show very usefull but I like the program my husband engreage
    the game

    1. Please you koodiswari programe in game show to select my family is pover . My father is death please allow to game show

  16. Rasheedha begum 6374614603

    Hello radika name rasheedha begum .mam plz consider .i have to kids.mam am n poor join d hot set.i ll hlp my husband mam.i have to kids.yen husband ku job serila mam am n love marriage in 9 yrs yennoda famili supports plz consider appailladha ponnu,yen husbadku na bussisnes ku hlp panna ninaikiren.yen daughter ku school lei sekkanum mam plz giv me hot seat Chance.radikha mam mobil no

  17. I am mariyammal.s Native place in Puliyur (Karur District) I will join in your program. pleace help me. ok

  18. Hi mam , I m Chandra mathi , from Thirunelveli. Naanga vivasayam pandrom. Engalukku aadu,maadu, koli ellam vachi panna start pannanum mam so please give me one chance. Thanks

  19. Mam i am from very poor family i father is mason my mother is house wife.yenga appa kadan vangitha padika vecharu naraiya kadan vaganthunala romba kashtama eruku yena higher dtudies continue pana mudila na 12th tha padichirken na unga gameshowla participate pani higherstudies pananumnu asa padren please yenaku oru chance kudunga nanga romba kashta padrom please…

  20. சுந்தரி பிள்ளையார்பட்டி. தஞ்சாவூர்

    வணக்கம் மேடம் உங்கள் தொகுப்பு மிகவும் நன்றாக உள்ளது. உங்களுடன் சேர்ந்து கோடீஸ்வரி நிகழ்ச்சியில் கலந்து கொள்ள மிகவும் ஆவலாக உள்ளது. எனக்கு ஒரு வாய்ப்பு கிடைக்குமா மேடம். நன்றி

  21. Need a chance to play koodeshwari game show.

    I want to study my phd course. But i am a single parent to my son. Becuse of his studies i cannot afford to do my phd studies. Kindly this program may place a right choice to help me to do my future carrier.

  22. I am amutha participated kodeeshwari programme please help you mam kastapadurs ennakku oru chance kodunga mam

  23. Hi mam Na kodeeswari game ah romba like pandren Na tailor work pandren enaku 1 son 1 daughter en son padikala en daughter ah padika vakanum athaan ennoda aasai enaku kodeeswari la participate pannanumnu romba aasai.

  24. Hlo Mam, I’m Priyanka Bharath. Enaku marriage fix panirukanga konja money problem iruku mam,so kodeeswari show LA participate pananumnu nanaikiren please mam game participate pana help panunga


  26. Give me a one chance kodeeswari to me other wise iam so sad

  27. Hai mam i am very interested will play this game show could you give me a chance mam

  28. I am house wife I want money for my husband treatment so I participants to this game

  29. I am working in a govt. Sector. I want to test my knowledge with this game. I don’t know how to participate. I really want to showoff.

    1. I am village woman. My name jeba mahil. I was intresting game .plz only one vaippu tharungal mam

  30. i like kodeeswari game show

    1. I like kodeeswarigame show mam please give me chance please help me my aim

  31. Mam please give me chance please help me my aim

  32. Hlo mam,,,,plz give me a one chance to me,,,,, Nan ennoda appa amma kaga game la participate pate pannanum,,,, ennoda parents enna romba kasta pattu enna valartanga avangalukkaga aprom enna madiri kasta padura girls ku na helping pnnanum so please give me a one chance

    1. I like kodeeshwari game show

  33. I like this program. Yennoda husband yen kuzhnthaikalukka this programmil vilaiyada aasai patukiren .pls help me

  34. Hi,mam,i want participate kodeeswari,for help my husband and studies of my childs

  35. N.Gopalan

    Hi Mam How Are you I Like Kodeeswari Game Show & My Children Study, I want To help My Business & To Settle Loans And My Family Is Poor Family So Please Give Chance To Participate KodeesWari

  36. Dear kodeeshwari give a chance to with kodeeshwari. May this is my right time

    1. My, I want to Join with your program. I am in sixty two,I am very poor. I need some more money, like pension up to my end.

  37. Mam என் பெயர் வனிதா எனக்கு நான்கு பிள்ளைகள் உள்ளார்கள் அவர்களின் படிப்பிற்காக பணம் தேவை படுகிறது எனவே நான் இந்த நிகழ்ச்சியில் சேர விரும்புகிறேன் அதுமட்டுமின்றி படிப்பிற்காக நிறைய பேரிடம் கடன் வாங்கி உள்ளேன் அவர்களிடம் திருப்பிக் கொடுக்க வேண்டும் எனவே நான் இந்த நிகழ்ச்சியில் சேர விரும்புகிறேன் எனக்கு ஒரு வாய்ப்பு கொடுங்கள்

  38. Mam வணக்கம் நான் மதுரையில் இருக்கிறேன் எனக்கு நான்கு பிள்ளைகள் உள்ளார்கள் அவர்களின் படிப்பிற்காக பணம் தேவை படுகிறது எனவே நான் இந்த நிகழ்ச்சியில் சேர விரும்புகிறேன் அதுமட்டுமின்றி படிப்பிற்காக நிறைய பேரிடம் கடன் வாங்கியுள்ளேன் 300000
    பணம் தேவை படுகிறது எனவே நான்
    இந்த நிகழ்ச்சியில் சேர விரும்புகிறேன்
    எனக்கு ஒரு வாய்ப்பு கொடுங்கள்

  39. I want to help my family to settle loans , like to play with you mam

  40. I am eager to play with you Mam

  41. சத்தியா

    வணக்கம். என் கணவர் புற்றுநோய் அறுவை சிகிச்சை செய்து கொண்டவர். என் குழந்தை க்கும் மூன்று ஆபரேஷன் செய்யனும் பணம் இல்லை உதவி பண்ணுங்கள் .

  42. Pls give me the chance

  43. Pls email mam

  44. Pls give me the chance to participate

    1. I have no parents
      I have no children
      I have no home
      I have no job
      I have no earnings

      10 yrs fought for my legally registered marriage.

      I never got blessings in my right age like Amma chellam Appa chellam schooling all others…..

      A little bud comes out when colors TV announced the contest. I have answered 7 questions.
      But no call from colors TV. I called once someone said the shooting of kodeeshwari finished.

      And now too with the biggest expectation I am playing kodeeshwari everyday.

      I hope I will get an opportunity conformed.

      Waiting for that. Keep trying

    2. Vanakam mam iam ambika tirupur kavilipalayam 25varusama intha ooril vadakai veetilthan irukirom chinnatha oru sontha veedu katanum mam pls oru vaipu kodunga mam pls pls pls,

  45. Mam give ma a change plz…

  46. I interested to participate Koodeswari
    Pls help me…

  47. I participate Koodeswari show pls help me I am housewife

  48. I have selected Koodeswari game show.i am very happy…

  49. Give me chance to participate Koodeswari. I am housewife

  50. Please give us a chance mam please mam but we answered 3 questions we didn’t get any call

  51. Mam
    I am playing kodeeswari everyday. Please call me also to play. I am from kanyakumari district.

  52. Please update the winners of jackpot question daily. It is not updated

  53. Hii mam, I am Haripriya, my father is weaver and my family is very poor family, please give me a chance to participate this show mam, please help me mam.

  54. Hi mam.. I am playing kodeeswari regularly . I want to makeover my hme .. tat s enough for me kindly update daily winners of jackpot questions.. i regularly check bt there is no update



  56. I want to play kodeeswari and I would help topoors I give half of prize money

    1. Hi mam I am zarina from Chennai I am regularly participate in voot but I cannot have any reply pls help me mam I am housewife

  57. My husband spending more money. He tease me like “you bring from your home “he says like that. We have 10 lakh debt. I wanted to prove my self. So, please give me a chance mam.

  58. Madem enaku oru vaipu kudunga madem

    1. Mam before reaching jackpot question in my mobile the APP is closing . So that I couldn’t answer 6/1/20&7/1/20.

    2. Madam email or vaipu kudunga madem

    3. I have selected Koodeswari game show.i am very happy…

  59. Hi mam ennoda name manju na intha kodeeshwari programme le participate pannanum nu asai padre na romba kastathule irukke enakku 31 years aguthu enakku marriage agi 2 boys irukkange ennoda husband death agi 1 year aguthu enakku eppadiyavathu kastapattu ennoda kulandaigalai valarkkanum padikka vaikkanum avangale eppadiyavathu kastapattu valarkkanum enakku appavum ille amma mattum tha ammavum agriculture tha na oru hospital le work pandre enakku help pannunge madam pls enakku ithe starting leirunthu parkkale so enakku eppadi participate pannanum nu theriyale pls mam ennoda family situation kaga help pannunge na ennoda kulandaigalukku oru nalla education kudukkanum nu nenaikkire but enakku ammave thavira yarum support ille but ennale mudiyale athanale ennoda kulandaigalai ammakitte vittu avangale pirinji na oru hostel le thangirukke eppadiyavathu salary vangi avangale padikka vaikkanum nu solli na avangalodu seruvena ille amount kaga ippadiye life poguma nu theriyale thayavusenji enakku help pannunge mam pls ennoda kulandainge paavam appave pirinjathum illame ennaiyum intha vayasule ye pirinji irukkange pls mam

  60. Evatrilethu India maneelaten thalai nagar illai.

  61. My name is Vanitha. I want to participate for my husband. My husband started a shop in 2005. He burdened with debts. He borrowed 20 lakhs with interest. Now we settled 10 lakhs and for another 10 lakhs, he was suffering. So, I wanted to help him because he was suffering for me and my children. I am a house wife and I studied only 10th standard. Please give me a opportunity mam.

  62. I like kodeeswari show

  63. preethi anandkumar

    Hi r u ? I am preethi .enaku kodeeswari velaiyadanum .athu enn kanavu

  64. I love rathika mam. I want to talk to you mam.

  65. Hi mam my name santhiya devi native theni kodeeshwari game rowpa pidikum dailyparpen en familykaga gamela viladanum nenaikiran please kupidunga

    1. Mam pls give me chance to participate in kodeeswari

  66. Hi mam ennakku oru vaippu kudungal

  67. The show is very interesting and so happy to note that it is exclusively for women. But here I just want to point out one some ladies are so much over acting and their body language is irritating particularly othat lady named Mahalakshmi thinks too much of herself and blaming her husband all the time when there are so many ladies having so many talents are suppressed this lady irritated.pls see to it and ask the ladies to behave decently

  68. Namaskaram Mam. Ungalai enaku romba pidikum. Vazhkayil ethanai kastam vandhalum unga siripal jeyithu katirukinga. Unga siripu dhan unga balam’ dhariyam. I like you mam. Eppadi participate panradhu mu thetiyalai. Ungaludan vilayada vaipu kidaithal Magilchi mam. Meendum enadhu Namaskaram.

  69. சுகிர்தா அழகேசன்

    வணக்கம் கலர்ஸ் என் பேரு சுகிர்தா நான் தஞ்சாவூர் என்னோட கனவு ஒரு வீடு கட்டணும் அப்புறம் என் அம்மா மருத்துவ செலவுக்கு பணம் வேணும் அதுக்காக நான் கோடீஸ்வரி விளையாடனும் என்ன கூப்பிடுங்க ப்ளீஸ்

  70. Mam I am supriya from Ganapathy Coimbatore. I like to play kodeeswari game. Waiting for your call.

  71. Hi mam ennakku oru vaippu kudunga

    1. hi mam my name is completed degree… i have only one sister doing colg 1st mom is tailor and my father is driver…very very poor family mam…pls give me one chance mam….naa degree finished panetu simple jobku poitu iruken enoda aim sonthama thozhil start panne success fulla varanum enoda family ah nan thaan kapathanum mam…thozhil start panna amount ila so pls give me one chance mam…..enoda amma appa vayasanavanga so enoda family ah nan thaan kapathanum mam.pls mam give me a one chance mam.

  72. Hi madam nangal seruppu thaikkum thozhil seithu varugirom engalukkum oru vaippu kodugal KO rai veettil vazhgirom

  73. Hi… I am Divya… I need to play kodeswari to prove myself confidence to my loveable husband. Still he had not live with me. And I had 3 children .. at the end of my life day before I have prove myself confidence to him.. this is life time achievement also.. life is short time… Live in short period… But life handling is does it easy… I can do it to win life…. I don’t know about which is day will win the life… But surely I can win the life at before my death…

  74. hi mam gud to interact you for the first time.i really want to prove to myself as well as to the world surround me. I want to play for 3 persons needy ; I won’t tell the story now; by God Grace if we meet let others know .thk u

  75. Hi Mam… I’m Ramya… From virudhunagar(dis)..I am village girl Mam..I am poor family Mam… I am interest in this koodesshwsri game Mam.. I’m studying B.SC Nursing….my education next level move panna this programme will using for me Mam…. So plz kindly… One opportunity for me Mam……….

  76. Hi mam. Thanks for giving the opportunity for all those participants. I’m the one who is eagerly waiting to play the game show mam because to win the amount for my marriage. I’m believing that may be one day before my marriage I will participate play with you and win a money to conduct my own marriage with my own money. This is my big dream. I shouldn’t or my father shouldn’t go and ask to anyone like borrowing for my marriage

  77. கோட்டீஸ்வரி ராமசாமி

    I am kotteeswari i want to meet you mam I like to your show kodeswari now i am 47 studied ph.d still please try to call me

  78. கோட்டீஸ்வரி ராமசாமி

    வணக்கம் சகோதரி எனக்கு கதை கவிதை எழுத புடிக்கும் நான் ph.d படித்துக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறேன். வயது 47 ஆகிறது என் பெயரும் கோட்டீஸ்வரி எனவே இது மகிழ்ச்சி தரும் முடிந்தால் அழையுங்கள் விளையாடுவோம்

    1. Hi mam I’m Arul benzia from Tirunelveli Chance please mam

  79. hot sheet la vilayada oru chance kodunga mam

  80. Hi mam naa ece fnl year padikura amma house wife sister v2la irukaga appa death aagi 5month aguthu rmba kastam sapda kuda padika yen family nilamaya matha intha show enaku oru chance kuduga yen familyku enala mudincha help plz mam chance kuduga

    1. vannakkam medam iam mohana my husbandku sugar problem leg bathikapatruku work panna mudiyala 2 childrens oru kulainthuku 6year 2years old kadan problem vadakkai veedu treatment panna money illai realtion kanduka matikaranga na workku poga child pathuka yarum illai ungla than nami irukkean please help me medam

  81. Hi mam naa ece fnl year padikura amma house wife sister v2la irukaga appa death aagi 5month aguthu v2 kuda ilama nadu theruvula nikurom intha game show ku vantha yen padipu & yen family kastam pogum plz mam chanse kuduga

  82. pls hot seatla utkara vaipu kodunga pls

  83. pls iwant to kodeeswari hotseat

  84. Hai mam..
    Na 6age la erundu romba kasta maduram appa,amma pirisitanga sinna age la na appakutha erundha na ,anna .appa etundu anatha mathirita valdhom eppidio dgree kastapatu mudicha .apparam appa anna erundum padhukappu illla love panni marriage panikkita appa sariellathana engsla yarume mathikkamatanga vituvila senjitha saptuva adu pala sapatutha poduvanga ..eppa marrigae aghi 1baby female erikku engala eppaum yarum mathikka matranga.engala mathikkanum na nanga kojam nalla nilaikku varaum aghukku konjam help panunga plss enga ponnu nalaerukkam .na kastta pata mathiri en ponnu padakudadu pls mam help panuunga

  85. Interesting game, one can earn certain amount for survival or get settled in life if they play well.

  86. Hello mam i discontinue my school.because of my family was in too much of interest finance problem. I would like to study. please give me a chance to participate kodeeswari.

  87. my family is a poor family please add me to answer the jackpot question

    1. Hi my name is kanchana.i like was intresting game.i’m a house wife

  88. Hallo mam iam sharifa give me a chance to play the kodeeswari children
    Study& myhusband business.

  89. Kathijabaseeraabdhulrahuman

    Chance pls

    1. Hallo mam my name sharmila I like. Kodeeswari it was interesting game. I ma tailer madam

  90. Hi mam i am meena this game very interesting then nolage improment mam nanun intha gala patispate pannanum Naga roomba poorfamily engalu God ethavathu orru vazhi kattamatagalanu ninachapa inthagame pathom first day la irunthu apparam ithula vilaiysnda namakum oruvazhiktaikum ninacham Naga veetula 3poannu first naga v2kuda illama irukam ithula vilaiyadi sinnatha oruv2 appa ammaku katitharanum appaku kai mudiyathu kathukatkathu first akkaku huspand kitayathu secand akkaku huspand sarikidaiyathu so ellarium natha pakkanum avangaluku motham 4pilaiga please help me mama

    1. respected cheeters this is cheeting programe I know but tamil nadu people nnot understand I watched already boologam movie don’t create simpathy

  91. Hi mam I Am village la iruken. My name deepaanandhi .kandipa game show la velayadunumunu aasi

    1. Dhivya k
      Hi mam am living in village am studied in b,SC nursing and I have more interesting to participate the game show mam rommba kastapadura family mam and I am a utrine ruptured patients mam I have two female child mam I am not going jobs mam

  92. My dream .my husband with child dreams.

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