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Star Plus Dance +5 Missed Call Voting 2020 :

Organisation : Star India Private Limited
Contest Name : Star Plus Dance +5 Missed Call Voting
Applicable For : Viewers
Program Last Date : February 16, 2020
Website :

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Star Plus Dance Plus 5 Voting

Star Plus aired Dance Plus reality Show Season 5 is becoming more and more Interesting every next Day. Top 10 Dancers Contestants have been Selected and now Its Time for the Public Voting.

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Who Can Vote?

The viewers interested in voting must be above the age of 18 years and a citizen and resident of the Territory.

About Dance Plus 5

1. The Program is a dance based reality program wherein contestants between the ages of 5 (five) years and 55 (fifty-five) years, who are citizens and residents of the Territory individually

2. On the basis of their dancing skills including versatility, technique, style, overall stature of their performance, ideas, entertainment factor, uniqueness and personality and such other criteria as determined by the Company in its sole discretion. Remo Dsouza who is the Super judge on the Program, shall award scores to each Contestant per week.

3. The scores awarded by Remo Dsouza were considered for the selection and shortlisting of the final top 10 (ten) Contestants or as decided by the Company. These Final Contestants, shall thereinafter perform and compete against each other in the further upcoming televised episodes /rounds of the Program.

3. It is clarified that the Final Rounds of the Program shall tentatively commence from January 13, 2020 onwards and will continue till February 16, 2020, or such other dates, as may be decided by the Company from time to time, in its sole discretion.

The Voting for the Final Rounds shall be conducted via:
(i) votes cast by Viewers via missed call, in the manner described under these Voting Rules (“Missed Call Voting Mechanism”); and
(ii) votes cast via the mechanism available on the

Voting Period

The Missed Call Voting Mechanism (as detailed in clause 5) will commence and close for the episodes of the Final Rounds of the Program, as detailed hereinbelow, in the Territory.

During the Voting Period, Viewers or Voters can vote for their favorite Final Contestant(s), if they like the performance of any particular Final Contestant and/or all Contestants.

The Missed Call Mechanism is as provided below :


No. of Final Rounds

Airing day and date of the EpisodeNo of Performance(s)Number of contestants shortlisted for Pre- FinaleStart Time of Missed Call VotingEnd Time of Missed Call Voting
Week 11


Episodes 21 & 22

Saturday (18.01.2020)

Sunday (19.01.2020)

Saturday: Top 10 Final Contestants perform individually.

Sunday: Dance Battles between Final Contestants

NA8:00 PM on Saturday (18.01.2019)9:00 AM Monday (20.01.2019)
Week 12


Episodes 23 & 24

Saturday (25.01.2020)

Sunday (26.01.2020)

Saturday: Top 10 Final Contestants perform individually.

Sunday: Dance Battles between Final Contestants

NA8:00 PM on Saturday (25.01.2020)9:00 AM Monday (27.01.2020)
Week 13


Episodes 25 & 26

Saturday (01.02.2020)

Sunday (02.02.2020)

Saturday: Top 10 Final Contestants perform individually.

Sunday: Dance Battles between Final Contestants

NA8:00 PM on Saturday (01.02.2020)9:00 AM Monday (03.02.2020)
Week 14

Episodes 27 & 28

Saturday (08.02.2020)

Sunday (09.02.2020)

Saturday: All Final Contestants perform individually.

Sunday Dance Battles between Final Contestants


(Note: The voting lines for Final Contestants selected to be in Top 4 shall close)

8:00 PM on Saturday (08.02.2020)9:00 AM Monday (10.02.2020)
Week 15

Episodes 29 & 30

Saturday (15.02.2020)

Sunday (16.02.2020)

Saturday: Individual performances of Top 4 Contestants

Sunday: Dance Battles between Final Contestants

2 (+ 2 from Week 14) ( “Top 4” or as decided by the Company)8: 00 PM on Sunday (16.02.2020)

Note: No voting on Saturday

Week 16

Episode 31

TBAAll Contestants will perform.1 Winner of the Program, selected from Top 4No VotingNo Voting

How To Vote?

To vote during the Voting Period, the Viewers, shall through their landlines/mobile numbers dial the unique number of the Final Contestants (s) for who they want to cast their vote and give them a missed call.

The unique number for each of the Final Contestant (s) shall be as follows:



Voting Number





Tron Brothers



The Ace












Rupesh Bane



Deepika Rupesh



Nritya Kala Kendra





(i) The Missed Call Vote(s) of the Viewers shall be deemed to be received when subsequent to the Viewer giving a missed call, when he/she will hear recorded message acknowledging the Missed Call Vote(s).

Once the Viewer has called a specific toll-free number associated with one Final Contestant 10 (ten) times (as detailed in Para (iii) below), a recorded message will inform them that the voting limit has been reached, post which the Viewer shall not be able to cast any more Missed Call Vote(s) for that Final Contestant.

(ii) It is clarified that during the Voting Period, each Viewer can cast a maximum of 10 Missed Call Vote(s) per particular Final Contestant from a single phone number which may be a landline number or a mobile number.

a. Viewer(s) shall be free to vote for multiple Final Contestants by way of a maximum of 10 Missed Call Votes per Final Contestant, during the Period, through a single landline /mobile number.

b. Viewers may be permitted to cast votes for any or all of the Final Contestants, through the Platform Voting mechanism, subject to the Platform Voting Terms and Conditions.

(iii) In the event that any Viewer casts his /her multiple Missed Call Vote(s) (exceeding 10 Missed Call Vote(s) per Final Contestant) for the same Final Contestant through the same landline /mobile number, then only the first ten Missed Call Vote(s) cast through such missed call for that particular Final Contestant shall be taken into account and not the subsequent ones.

(iv) Missed Call Vote(s) sent after the Voting Period will not be considered and shall be deemed null and void without requirement of any further intimation by STAR INDIA to the Viewer(s). The voting for those Final Contestants who have secured their positions in the Top 4 shall be closed after their selection and the Viewers shall not cast any more votes for them.

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