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Star TV Ranna Banna Cookery Show Audition 2020 : startv.com

Organisation : Star India Private Limited, Star Jalsha
Program Name : Ranna Banna Audition 2020 Cookery Program
Applicable For : At Least 18 (Eighteen) Years
Applicable State : West Bengal
Audition Period : June 15th, 2020 to Dec 30th, 2020
Website : https://www.startv.com/legal-terms-policies/#rnbn

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Star TV Rannabanna Audition

Rannabanna cookery program shall be binding on each Participant, residing in West Bengal desire to participate in the Auditions hosted by Star India Private Limited.

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Digital Auditions Period

“Digital Auditions Period” shall mean the period commencing from June 15 th , 2020 and concluding on Dec 30th, 2020 (both dates inclusive) for participation in the Digital Auditions.

“Digital Auditions” means Level 1, Level 2 and any different levels of the selection process of the Auditions, to be conducted inter alia either telephonically or via video conference using any social media platform including but not limited to Google Duo, Whatsapp video etc,


Contestant /Participant(s) Means any natural person(s) who is
(i) at least 18 (eighteen) years of age and less than 60 (sixty) years of age as on June 1, 2020,
(ii) a citizen of India and
(iii) resident of West Bengal and who voluntarily enters the Auditions.

How to Register?

The Digital Auditions will be conducted during the Digital Auditions Period, during which the Participants shall have to send in their Entries (as defined below) to the designated the email id – rannabanna [AT] startv.com

Procedure to Register :
To register and to participate in the Digital Auditions, the interested Participant (s) shall submit a detailed recipe (in words) of a dish of their choice (vegetarian and/or non-vegetarian) including details of the process of preparation, list of ingredients required and measurements thereof (“Recipe(s)”) to the Designated Email ID along with the following personal details including but not limited to full name, gender, age, a photograph of the Participant,final dish based on the Recipe email ID, contact number(s), the name of their country/state/city where they reside, and/or any other information/documentation as sought by the Company

Selection Process

The selection and shortlisting process for the Auditions shall be conducted as detailed below for each Level of the Auditions

Level 1

i. Subject to the Participant(s) having made a valid Entry, all the Entire(s) fulfilling the criteria shall be viewed and evaluated by the Company.

ii. The Contestant(s) shall be evaluated and shortlisted by the Panel on the overall basis of writing of the Recipe, ease of availability of ingredients, uniqueness, originality, social and cultural fitment of the Recipe, if the Recipe has been already covered/planned by the Company .

iii. Based on the evaluations of the Entries by the Panel, the top rated shall be shortlisted and the Participants shall be selected and eligible for participation in Level 2 of the Auditions to be conducted in the Audition Centre(s) in India.

iv. All Participant(s) selected and shortlisted for Level 2 shall be intimated about their selection and/or vide an email and/or telephone or any other mode of communication.

Level 2

i. In the event the Company conducts the Level 2 Auditions via Video Conference, then the Company will inform the Participant of the same in advance and it shall be the sole responsibility of the Participant to make himself/herself available for such Video Conference.

ii. Further, , the shortlisted Participant(s) may be asked to cook the Recipe or any other edible dish to showcase their talent and /or perform any act and /or answer personal and professional questions as required by the Company/ Panel.

iii. In Level 2 of the Digital Auditions, the Act of Participants shall be evaluated basis the following
a. Ease of articulation
b. Depth of knowledge – (including expertise and familiarity with the Recipe)
c. Reality shoot quotient – (including camera friendliness, screen presence, personality entertainment factor)
d. Skills , talent and background and interactive skills

iv. The Company reserves the right to select any number of Contestant(s) from Level 2. The selected Contestants shall be eligible for the next level of selection; Level 3.

Level 3

i. Participant(s) shortlisted at Level 2 shall be required to be present in the Audition Centre to participate and perform in Level 3 Auditions located in Kolkatta India on specific dates and time as decided and communicated by the Company.

ii. Such Contestant(s) may be asked to cook a innovative dish based on their own recipe showcasing their culinary skills, knowledge and talent before the Panel and /or the Company

iii. The performance of these shortlisted Participant(s) shall be evaluated by the Panel on the basis of the taste of the presentation and taste of the dish , overall personality, recipe / ingredients selection, screen presence, ideas, entertainment factor, uniqueness, etc.

iv. The Company reserves the right to select any number of Contestant(s) from the Audition Center. The selected Contestants shall be eligible for the next level of selection; Level 4.

Level 4

i. Contestant(s) shortlisted at Level 2 shall be required to be present a in [*] for the shoot on the day/days and time specified by the Company.
ii. The cost of arranging the requisite travel documents (including but not limited to valid passport, requisite visa, etc.) shall be borne by the Contestant(s)).

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    As per professional I am nutritionist and food experts.

    I want to take part in this shows eagerly..

    Thanking you if you kindly inform me.

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