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cbseacademic.nic.in CBSE Expression Series 2020-21 On Covid-19 : Central Board of Secondary Education

Organisation : Central Board of Secondary Education
Contest Name : CBSE Expression Series 2020-21 On Covid-19
Theme : Expression Series On Thinking Innovatively In Unprecedented Times Like Covid-19
Applicable For : CBSE Students
Last Date : 15.07.2020
Website : http://cbseacademic.nic.in/

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CBSE Expression Series On Covid-19

In order to provide a platform to students to creatively express their ideas/ views on the theme THINKING INNOVATIVELY IN UNPRECEDENTED TIMES LIKE COVID-19, CBSE announces the first Expression Series for the session 2020-21.

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Topics & Medium

 Class Category with Medium Topics
Primary ( Class 3 to 5) Paragraph( 150 words) / Painting For me, Lockdown means…. or The best thing I learned during lockdown!
Middle (Class 6 to 8) [Essay(400words)/ Painting/ Poem] The hardest challenge brought out the best in me. or I did not miss the school in the last two months because..
Secondary (Class 9 to 10) [Essay(700words)/ Painting/ Poem] The last two months have made me a changed human being. or I turned the challenge into an opportunity when….
Senior Secondary (Class 11 to 12) [Essay(1000words)/ Painting/ Poem] Unprecedented times require unprecedented measures. or Innovative Solutions for Making Education accessible for all.

Language :
Entries(Paragraph/ Essay/ Poem) can be submitted in Hindi/ English or any one of the 22 scheduled languages.

Conducting Expression Series

At School Level

** Schools shall themselves conduct the Expression Series on the above topics from 15th June to 15th July 2020.Information of the Expression Series should be given to all students, through the means of communication adopted by schools since March 2020.

** For entries, i.e. Essays/ Paragraphs/ Paintings/Poems, participants can prepare a sheet as per the format given in annexure I or use a sheet with all details as given therein. Details of participant must be written on each sheet
used for submitting the entry.

** Schools may invite entries from students through e-mail ID/ any other mode.
** After collecting the entries, schools shall evaluate them and shortlist one entry per category for onward submission to CBSE. Evaluation mechanism can be devised by schools themselves.

Submission of Entries to CBSE

Submission of Shortlisted Entries by Schools to CBSE :
Schools can submit the shortlisted entries from 16th to 21st July 2020 using an android phone through CBSE Expression Series App available at Google Playstore.


** Each participant will get an online certificate of participation at his/ her registered e-mail ID after the successful submission of entry.
** 10 best entries of each category will be selected at the regional level by all CBSE regions for onward submission to CBSE Academic Unit, New Delhi.

** From the entries received from all CBSE regions, 3 best entries of each category will be selected and uploaded on the CBSE website.
** The decision/ result given by the evaluation committee shall be final and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

Guidelines For Entry Submission

Entries Can Be Uploaded Only From 16th July 2020 Till 21st July 2020

Requirement :
Android smart phone having operating system version 5.0 and above with internet connectivity.

1. CBSE Expression Series app may be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store. At the time of installation, please ensure that you “Accept” the permissions asked by app.

2. Tap on the “ CBSE Expression Series” icon to launch the App and follow the steps given below

Step-1 :
Enter Affiliation No and LOC/Registration Password as Password and then tap on “SUBMIT” button.

Step-2 :
Follow the steps given below after successful authentication
** Enter the Name of Candidate.
** Enter mobile number.
** Enter E-Mail ID.
** Enter the Roll Number generated at the school level.
** Select class category( primary/ middle/ secondary/ senior secondary).
** Select Class.

** Tap on “Take Photo” button to click the picture or select picture from media. Please ensure that the sheet contain all required details as given on annexure I.

** Tap “Upload Photo” and Upload picture on server.
** Click on ‘View Certificate’ for the online certificate generated after the successful submission of entry by school.

Step-3 : View Certificate
For Viewing the online certificate, kindly enter your mobile number and roll no. and click search

Notification :


In case of any query, kindly contact cbseexpressions202021 [AT] gmail.com

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  1. Vansh

    Why aren’t u guys declaring the results. Its been two years. I had been working on my painting for a week for just participation and no reward?! I m sorry but this much inconvenience wasn’t ecpected.



  3. Sarah

    It is too late now
    We want results please
    I have submitted my poem on The Hardesr challenge bought out the best in me.
    Please announce the results

  4. Cbse expression app

    Please tell me what is the password that we have to write please tell me. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Pankajam

    If the school has uploaded already, can a student upload his essay individually. If so how to upload.can you guide me.

  6. ravella sravana

    will they declare the result

  7. Student

    Atleast declare the result



  9. Tripti

    When result will be announced for grade 5

  10. Tashi

    Kindly declare the result!!!

  11. Debraj sengupta

    When results will be anouse??

  12. sravana

    please inform us when are we going to get the result
    please inform us

  13. Vanya Arora

    When is the result announced for class 3-5

    1. Meenu

      What about the results?

  14. Manya Munjal


    1. Kiran khanna

      When will we receive the partispation certificate.

  15. Anonymous

    When will CBSE expression series results will come for class 3 to class 5

  16. Anonymous

    When the result declared

  17. 🤕

    Where come result…?????




  19. Abdul Azim

    Has the Result been declared, If not when will it?

    1. Simran sethi

      When would the results come

  20. Buvi

    We could like to download e certificate of our kids… Please enable the app… To download…

  21. Akshita

    When will result be announced?

  22. Falak dubey

    When will be the name of 10 best entries to be announced??.

  23. Ritu Bhati

    When result will declare??

  24. Meenakshi

    When result will be declared?

  25. Ragini

    Covid_19 competition result has been declared or not

  26. Jennifer

    May we know when the results be announced?
    Have a pleasant day!

  27. Navyaa Nayak

    When will the results be announced?

  28. sagar

    in this only we can attach photos why not document file. if we can upload the same file also please tell the way. thanks

  29. Akshay kumar

    How to enter the password

  30. Anish Kumar barnwal

    How we get registration number and paasword for cbse expression series

  31. Jennifer

    Instrucstions about painting- the medium of painting, size, heading…??

    1. sagar

      can you upload document file?

    2. Jennifer

      My name is Jennifer too

  32. Saanvi Singh

    How to submit essay? What is our affiliation number and password?

    1. sagar

      ask to your school admin

  33. snehita

    how to do this sir


      When will be the name of 10 best entries to be announced??

  34. Kailash kumar

    Cividin 19 is very difikal time

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