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Orange Education OGO 2020-21 Global Olympiad : orangeeducation.in

Organisation : Orange Education
Contest Name : OGO 2020-21 Orange Global Olympiad
Applicable For : Classes 1 to 10
Website : https://www.orangeeducation.in/ogo-olympiads/ogo.html

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Orange Education OGO

The Registration for OGO 2020-21 has started. Please register on http://orangeeducation.in/ogo-registration.

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About OGO

OGO (Orange Global Olympiad) is a scientifically designed diagnostic exam to identify the academic strengths and weaknesses of students. It is a comprehensively designed, skill-based competitive exam to develop competitive spirit and encourage students to achieve higher learning goals.

OGO measures the extent to which concepts and skills underlying the school syllabus have been understood by students and provides them detailed feedback. Orange Global Olympiads are based on the BLOOM’S TAXONOMY.


** OGO is conducted for Classes 1 to 10 in the following subjects – Astronomy, Cyber, English, Finance, Mathematics and Science.

** OGO is conducted in Hindi for Classes 3 to 10
** Students of Classes 3 to 8 can also participate in an audio-visual STEM Olympiad.

** OGO is a two level examination, i.e. School Level Examination (SLE) at school level and National Level Examination (NLE) at national level.
** Students scoring 60% and above in the SLE will qualify for the NLE

Rewards & Recognitions

School Level Examination :
SLE Class Toppers :
SLE Class Toppers in each subject, in each class and in each school, are awarded Medals and Rank Certificates.

** Rank 1 – Gold Medal and Rank Certificate
** Rank 2 – Silver Medal and Rank Certificate
** Rank 3 – Bronze Medal and Rank Certificate
** Rest all students are awarded SLE Participation Certificates.

SLE School Toppers :
The top performing student across all classes and subjects in each school is awarded a School Topper Certificate and Gift voucher worth Rs. 1000

Note :
Medals & Rank Certificates are awarded only if min. 5 students participate from a class. Must score 60% and above to qualify for Medals and Rank Certificates.

National Level Examination :
NLE Class Toppers :
The top performing students in NLE, in each subject and in each class across the nation are awarded Medals, Rank Certificates, Cash Prizes and Gifts

** Rank 1 – Trip to Singapore (or cash prize Rs. 50,000), Gold Medal & Rank Certificate
** Rank 2 – Trip to Dubai (or cash prize Rs. 40,000), Silver Medal & Rank Certificate

** Rank 3 – Laptop (or cash prize Rs. 30,000), Bronze Medal & Rank Certificate
** Rank 4 – iPhone (or cash prize Rs. 25,000) & Participation Certificate

** Rank 5 – iPad (or cash prize Rs. 20,000) & Participation Certificate
** Other rank holders (Ranks 6 – 10) are awarded with consolation prizes.

Note :
Must score 60% and above to qualify for Medals, Rank Certificates, Cash Prizes and Gifts. Toppers are selected on the basis of highest percentage and percentile, and shortest test completion time in each subject and in each class across the nation.


Results of OGO will be declared within 40 days of the exam. The hard copy of the results will be sent to the schools for onward distribution to the students. The results can also be viewed on our website.


1. How does a student benefit by taking Orange Global Olympiad (OGO)?
Students are ranked on the basis of marks, percentage, ranks and percentile achieved. The comparative analysis determines the skill set of students and helps them achieve higher learning goals.

It also provides an objective, in-depth analysis of student’s aptitude in key learning areas that are essential for success. It empowers students and helps in building self-confidence, at the same time motivating them to excel.

Students are suitably awarded based on their ranks. Prizes include Trips to Singapore and Dubai, Gift cards, Laptops, iPads, iPhones, Medals and Certificates. National toppers from each class are awarded at a grand prize distribution ceremony held in Delhi, presided over by an eminent personality.

2. I am interested to take part in the OGO. Tell me how will I come to know about the details of the Olympiad?
The relevant information is sent to schools which are registered with OGO. In case your school is not registered with us then please tell your class teacher or the coordinator about OGO and ask him/her to register with us.

3. Are there any special books which the participants should refer to for the preparation?
In general, NCERT books/course books prescribed by the CBSE/ICSE/STATE BOARDS may be referred to for preparation.

We also have following books/materials for OGO preparation:
** OGO Workbooks–English, Mathematics, Science, Cyber and Astronomy (For Classes 1 to 10); Hindi (for Classes 3 to 10)
** OGO NLE Book- Astronomy, English, Mathematics and Science (For Classes 1 to 10).

4. My school does not want to register with OGO, but I am very eager to participate. Can I do it on my own?
Only schools can register for the Olympiads, a student can participate through his/her school only.

5. Can I take part in more than one OGO exam?
Yes, the dates and timings of exams are different for each subject so you can participate in all the eight subjects i.e. Astronomy, Cyber, English, Finance, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and STEM.

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