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Star Bharat ‘Mera Saarthi’ Activity 2020 :

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Organisation : Star India Private Limited Star Bharat
Program Name : ‘Mera Saarthi’ Activity 2020
Hashtag : #MeraSaarthi
Applicable For : 18 (eighteen) years of age
Applicable State/UTs : All India
Last Date : July 20, 2020
Website :

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Star TV Mera Saarthi Activity

“Mera Saarthi” activity hosted by Star India Private Limited for the promotion of the program “RadhaKrishn – Krishn-Arjun Gatha” aired on Star Bharat SD and HD.

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The Activity invites interested persons to participate in the Activity by following the mechanism detailed herein and using the hashtag “#MeraSaarthi” and tagging the Facebook Handle/Instagram Handle/Twitter Handle.

Activity Period

The Activity shall commence on July 07, 2020, from 10:00 pm IST onwards, and end at 11:59 pm IST on July 20, 2020


i. Participant(s) must be citizen and resident of India and of 18 (eighteen) years of age or above at the start date of the Activity Period.

ii. The Participant(s) should not have criminal conviction or an arrangement or a contract that prevents the Participant(s) from participating in the Activity.

iii. Employees of and/or consultants of and/or persons hired on contract by Star India and/or its affiliates and the members of their immediate family member(s) are ineligible from participating in the Activity.

iv. All Participant(s) must have a valid Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram account to be eligible to participate in the Activity.

How to Participate?

i. Star India invites all the interested Participants to review the posts shared by Star India on its Social Platforms during the Activity Period and respond by posting an original image or video in high resolution as described herein below and in the Activity Post in relation to the Activity on the Social Platforms.

ii. The Participants shall participate in the Activity by submitting on the Social Platforms, an image or video of
(a) the person who has been a source of guidance and wisdom in the Participant’s life; or
(b) themselves along with their Saarthi;

iii. Participant(s) are required to submit the aforementioned image/video by sharing it on from their own Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram pages, tagging the Facebook Handle, Instagram Handle, and Twitter Handle as displayed on the Social Platforms, and using the Hashtag .

Star Bharat Facebook :
Star Bharat Instagram :
Star Bharat Twitter :

iv. Entries submitted without tagging the Facebook Handle, Instagram Handle, or Twitter Handle, and/or without using the Hashtag, shall be considered null and void, and such Entries shall not be considered to be valid Entries.

Terms & Conditions

** The Participant shall ensure that the Entry has not been already pitched/ shared/ presented in any format or form whatsoever to any third party including but not limited to any persons, broadcasters, production houses, media companies.

** Each Participant shall follow the terms of use for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Failure to comply with the same shall render the Participant(s) Entry invalid.

** Each Participant agrees and acknowledges that Star shall be entitled to repost/share the Entries of the Participant and/or the video of the Participants as submitted by the Participant, on the Social Platforms anytime during the Activity Period

** Entries sent after the Period will not be considered for the Activity and shall be deemed null and void.

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