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Star Vijay Super Singer 8 Audition 2020 : vijay.startv.com

Organisation : Star Vijay
Contest Name : Super Singer 8 Audition 2020
Applicable For : Anyone above 16 years
Applicable State : Tamil Nadu
Last Date : October 31, 2020
Website : https://vijay.startv.com/Home/Index

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Star Vijay Super Singer 8 Audition

Registration for Star Vijay Super Singer 8 Audition has started.

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(a) Participants who are between 16 (sixteen) years and _70(seventy)years i.e. 16 (sixteen) years or above and 70(seventy)years or below as on September 1, 2020
(b) Participants who are Indian citizens and resident of India, as per applicable laws; and
(c) At least 1(one) Parent of the minor Participant must also be an Indian citizen who is resident in India as per applicable laws; and
(d) Such other criteria provided under these Terms & Conditions.

How To Register?

(a) To register and to participate in the Digital Auditions, the Contestant(s) / Parents on behalf of the interested minor Contestant(s) shall:

i. have to login to the Website / Platform at his/her sole discretion to register for the participation in the Auditions by submitting / furnishing his/her valid Indian Mobile Number OR a valid email id.

ii. Upon entering into the Website, a registration form shall be displayed in the website and the same is required to be filled by the Participant(s) / Parent on behalf of the Minor Participant(s) who shall fill in all the relevant and necessary details as stated and enumerated therein and upon submitting Video (as mentioned hereinafter) on Website, in accordance with the requirements and criteria as laid down for the Auditions herein,

iii. It may be clarified that the Participant / Parent on behalf of the Minor Participant(s) participating in the Digital Auditions may register on the Platform only once either through a particular mobile phone number and/or email ID of themselves / the Parent (in the case of Minor Participant(s)).

Video Upload Functionality

i. Once the Participant / Parent on behalf of the Minor Participant(s) shares the Personal Information required, he/she shall record one (1) video of the Participant(s) performing any song of his/her choice, which may primarily be in tamil language; such video shall have a minimum duration of 60 (sixty) seconds and maximum duration of 180 (one hundred and Eighty) seconds in mov or .mp4 format and shall not exceed the size of 64 mb [referred to as “Video”]

ii. the Participant / Parent on behalf of the Minor Participant shall upload the Video(s) on the website / platform by following the instructions and as per the terms specified on such Platform and click on “Submit” button. Once the Video is uploaded on the Platform, the Participant / Parent (in the case of minor participant) will receive an SMS and/or email notification from the Company and/or Production House, at its discretion confirming and acknowledging the registration.

iii. If at any point of time the Company finds that the mobile number / email ID shared by the Participant(s) / Parent on behalf of the Minor Participant and /or any Personal Information and/or any information in Personal Consent Form is found to be false and /or unauthenticated and /or fabricated, then Company and/or Production House shall have the right to forthwith disqualify such Participant from further participation and his /her Entry shall immediately be considered to be null and void.

iv. For the purposes of this Audition, by uploading and /or submitting his /her Video on the Platform, the Participant / Parent on behalf of the Minor Participant agrees and undertakes that they are unconditionally bound by the Terms and Conditions.

Audition Levels

“Digital Auditions” means different levels comprising of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of the selection process of the Auditions as detailed hereunder and any additional levels as may be incorporated thereinafter by the Company in the process of the Auditions at any point of time at its discretion, to be conducted inter alia in the manner as set out hereunder, which the Participant(s) is required to qualify for further Levels, if any and qualify for participating in the Program.

“On Ground Audition(s)” shall if applicable, means different levels comprising of Level 3 and/or Level 4 of selection process of Auditions as detailed hereunder and any additional levels as may be incorporated thereinafter by the Company in the selection process of the Auditions at any point of time at its discretion, to be conducted inter alia at the Audition Center(s), which the Participant(s) is required to qualify and pass for participating in the Program.

On Ground Auditions:
On Ground Auditions may or may not take place at the sole discretion of ASCPL and/or Production House basis the current Covid 19 pandemic scenario. ASCPL/Production House is under no obligation to go for On Ground Auditions or shooting of the Program and is also under no obligation to inform prospective Participants / Parents of Minor Participants about the same. The Participants and in case of Minors , their Parents are unconditionally bound to update themselves on the same from the Website .

Digital Auditions:
The Digital Auditions will be conducted during the Digital Auditions Period on Website/Platform, which may be accessed by the interested Participants / Parents of Minor Participant(s) through any device with access to the Internet, including but not limited to mobile phones. Participants / Parents of Minor Participants who voluntarily choose to enter their children in the Auditions are required to register themselves / their child as Participant in the Auditions by following the procedure set out in these Terms and Conditions.

Audition Centre

“Audition Centre(s)” shall if applicable mean any locations in Chennai where the Participant(s) need to make themselves available for further levels of auditions as per the mechanism of Auditions and /or as per the communications issued by the Company and /or available on the Website from time to time .

Audition Period

“Digital Audition(s) Period” shall mean the period commencing from September 21, 2020 and continues till October 31, 2020 for different levels of auditions or such other date stipulated and/or updated by the Company and/or Production House at its sole discretion on the website vijay.startv.com (“Website”/ “Platform”) and required to be checked by You or the Parent on behalf of the minor Participant(s) from time to time. The period can be extended or reduced by the Company and/or Production House at its sole discretion from time to time.

“On Ground Audition(s) Period” shall, if applicable, mean on such dates fixed & announced by the Company and/or Production House at its sole discretion through the Website and/or any other medium, which is required to be checked by the Parent on behalf of the Participant(s) from time to time. The period can be extended or reduced by the Company and/or Production House at its sole discretion from time to time.

Terms & Conditions: https://www.contest.net.in/uploads/pdf2020/44542-1.pdf

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  1. Hii yennaku chinna vayasula erundhu singer aganum nu asai but yennaku V2LA summa problem but eppo yennaku oru chains venum ….. Plz

  2. My life my style

  3. Enakku super singee la kalanthukkanum please help me iam verry poor family

  4. I applied for this season I can’t get any reply

    1. Hi mam sir en peyar Raja from madurandagam Enaku singinna en uier mootchu Enaku oru waippu kudunga mam sir ennoda thiramaya veliya kattuva

  5. hi sir/mam
    am prasanth from salem tamil nadu,i registered in super singer but not recieved any messages yet,pls do know

  6. hi sir/mam
    am sravan from puducherry tamil nadu,i registered in super singer but not recieved any messages yet,pls do know

  7. Hiii mam/sir plz na audio anupitruken but no response I got back..yenaku music na uyir yenaku oru chance kudutha yen best ahh na kupupennu yenaku nambikai iruiku plz one time chance kudungahh😊

  8. i didnt see the announcement… i just came to know now only.. Give me an option if possible..

  9. எனக்கும் ஒரு வாய்ப்பு தாருங்கள்🙏 என் பெயர் காஞ்சனாகண்ணன் ஈரோடு மாவட்டம் எம்மாம்பூண்டி கிராமத்தில் வசிக்கிறேன் எனக்கும் வாய்ப்பு கிடைத்தால் என் திறமைகளை வெளிப்படுத்துவேன்🙏🙏

  10. Plz enakum oru vaaipu kundunga mam naanum video anupiruken but result ennanuthaan theriyala second level ku select ahna call pannuvangala mam plz konjam sollunga

  11. Iam from erode mam na last date paakkala adhanaala ippo register panna mudila super singer ku😥

  12. Iam from erode mam na last date paakkala adhanaala ippo register panna mudila.

  13. HAI VIJAY TV,,,

  14. Hii….enaku chinna vayasularndhe singer aanum nu rombha naal aasai….supr singer online audition ku apply pannirken…aana result vandhrucha …rejescted ah selected ah nu kuda therila….plzz na select aaydanum vendikrn….

  15. Sir/ madam, vanakkam. I send my video song. I want to participat and want to join Vijay tv family.

    Thank you aunty, uncle.

  16. I have already applied and sent my audio & video thro’ proper channel. I am waiting for the result. How long I will wait for the result?

    Please give me an opportunity to sing in your esteemed world famous channel.

    Expecting your early reply.

    Thanking You,


  17. Hi Iam Ranjani.enakku oru chance thanga atha pudichii epdiyavathu nan mela vanthuduven… amma appa romba kastathula irukknaga. Ennala mudinjatha avangalukku pannanumnu aasai paduren..☺ ethanaiyothadava nan paaidrukken ana kadavul enakku innavarikkum oru chance koda kudukkala.. athalana naraiyaa avamana pattathuthan micham🙂…. enakku 3 opperation pannirukkanga ennala onnumee panna mudiyathu… appa ammavukku ethumee panna mudiumanu theriyala.. plz enakku oru chance kudunga.. enna maari innum naraiyaa per irukkanga avangalukku epdiyavathu ennala mudinja hepl aa pannanumnu nenaikkiren….☺ i am coming from perambalur…. perambalurla sirugudal nu chinna kiramam ☺… plz enakku ore oru chance kudungaa…. ennodaa dream singer than… romba naal kanavuu😌😢ana neelam pattu paduriyaa neelam epdi paada mudium nu naaraiyaa per keppanga… avanga kitta entha bathilum sollla mudiyala😭😢enakku romba kastama irukku plzz enakku oree oru chance kudunga epdiyavathu mela poiduven plzz…. OM SRI SAAI RAM…😇🤗

  18. Mam I am registered for super singer I am uploading video for kanne kalaimane song thank you

  19. My ambition
    Enaku padanumnu romba ball asa ana chance kidaikala intha vijay tv enaku vaipu kudukumnu na wait pantre pls help pe

  20. I hv sent my song to ur whatsapp today.

  21. Dhayalan periyasamy

    Hello sir/mam this is Dhayalan periyasamy from Chennai I have interest singing I’m applied for singing competition plz Audition date inform plz
    My family very poor I trust u will give one chance
    Become my future bright

    1. Hy mam /sir, I’m from pudukkottai,I had send my video song on sep 25th itself 😕,but there is no response still🙁..I saw the promo of super singer 8,give us some clarity that whether the auditions will be conducted or not plss🙏

  22. I am B.Sekaran, i sent an Audio Song for Super singer senior whereas i was not received by the comittee. I did not know why my song was not delivered.

    1. Hi iam kamalesh singe

  23. Enakku super singer’s la kalanthukanum please help me

  24. Na audio anupinen aana reply illa please Enakku romba nala ennoda kurala pathivu panna aasai enakku help pannunga enakku sangeetham theriyathu kettu padathan thwrium

  25. வணக்கம் எனக்கு 31 வயது எனக்கு super singer கலந்துகொண்டு பாட்டு பாட ஆசைபடுறென்

  26. Ennoda AEG 52 chinna vayasula irundey pattunna enakku uyir enakku oru chance kedayaikkuma

    1. Madam/sir yenakum super singer la pattnum asya irruku nan nalla paduven yennaku place theriyathu ,yennaku oru vaipu thanka

  27. I could not send my video in the websites Even after giving all the information properly

  28. Nanum video anuppinen aanal replay varala yenakkum super singer la kalandukka aasaiya please

  29. The video is not able to upload

  30. na 2nd audition pannittan but result vara 2 weeks agumnu sonnaru singer srikanth sir but two weeks agiduchi innum msg varala oru vela reject pannittangalo santhegama irrukku because intha round kku aprm oru 2 levels irrukku

  31. Hi, na post panna adhu upload agala..
    Any other website la irrundhu upload pannanuma sollu mam plz

    1. Vijay tv summa fradu pandra ga na upload pannan upload agala Tamilnadu biggest fradu tv

  32. Hi I’m IBRAHIM nan nalla paaduven en kural
    Inimayaai irukkum nan middle class family
    Naan super singerkku aadition la pass panna
    Kandippa nan ennal mudinthathai seiven
    Thayauseithu neenga ennaya nambalam en kural
    Intha ulagathirku kaatta virumbukiren

    Please vote for me thank you

  33. Mam I have uploaded my husband’s video….plz do consider this message and select him….he signs very well….he sung many badaga songs…..

  34. Hello sir, yesterday I received msg that I’m selected for next level audition on 25/11/2020. In that msg one contact number is available. I’m calling to that number but it’s coming switched off.. Kindly help me to reach them. Thank you 😊🙏

    1. Enaku kandipa kekaikum nu na nambura rmba varusam kanavu enaku na 2times audition poi reject agiruka so enaku idhu select agituva

  35. Kadavul kudutha oru nalla gift voice tha. But song class la ponathu illa. But song paada avlo pidikum. Atha intha super singer stage oru opportunity kudukumnu nambara. Enga appa aasaya niraivethanum. But avaga Illa. Avaga ponnunu intha ulagathuku theriya vaikanum.

  36. Mam ennoda chithappa video VA naa apload pannirukken mam .plz mam appakku oru chance kodunga mam.appa super ra paatuvaanga.plz mam appakku oru chance kodunga naa upload pannunathe appakku theritadhu. Naa avangala summa paada solli upload pannunen. Neenga oru chance kodunga mam appa rombha santhosam paduvanga plz mam plzzzz my humble request mam plz

  37. Mam i cant upload my video

  38. Sir video anuppitten enakku oru chance kodunga please help me

  39. Naan video anuppirukken innum reply varala enakku oru chance kodunga please


  40. Can I upload my song video now… Please do respond

  41. Video send pannirkan mam but no reply,pls reply for my text, Support pannunga pls

  42. I want to be a singer it is my dream forever..plz full fill that dream sir.

  43. I want to be a singer it is my dream forever..plz full fill that dream

  44. Sir I want to become a good play back singer . It’s my many years dream that I want to participate in super Singer .I can sing very well . So plz select me sir..

  45. Mam enakkum paadal paada oru chance kudunga please I am yogeshwari from Vellore district gudiyatham taluk kallapadi village and Post

  46. Hii mam/sir oct 31tha last dateta
    Ennoru chance ellaya please sollunka

  47. Hii.mam ethutha last deteta please sollunka mam rechance unduma mam please sollunka

  48. Hello, I could not upload the video… It says error.

  49. The show is very well all ready iam well singing totaly all vijaitv program is well
    Iam well siging please hel me 900335xxxx

  50. Vankam I am gomathi I not able to upload video because send icon is not in the registration from Vijay tv enku or chance koduga super singerla pada .pada roba asai,neraparuku valikai kodutha Vijay tv enakum or chance koduga pls

  51. i cant not upload the video through both mobile and pc mam

  52. I am keerthika, I luv to sing, I have an dream to become musicen so, please I’m recuseting to give a changes to participate in super singer🙄🙄🙄

    1. Hi I m janagavathy. Vedio send panniruka. But reply ethu varla. Ithu ennoda migaperiya kanavu stage. Kandipa enaku vaipu kidaikumnu nambikayodu iruka. Life la perisa achieve pannnanum. Nammala vaalave kudathunu irukaravaga munnadi semaya vaalnthu kaattanum. Athukana oru stage tha super singer. Kandipa life maarumnu nambara. Na Fisher man village serntha ponnu. Fisher man ellaru peruma padra alavuku achieve pannanum.

  53. Hello vijay tv iam teacher enakku padanumnu romba aasai pls enkku oru vaipu kudunga pls sir

    1. Hi AKKA ennoda video sent akamattuthu ninga eppati sent panninga sollunga

  54. Video send aga matengudhu mam or sir please reply me

  55. Mam song send agala ma’am.. Pls check it ma’am.. My name is T Silambarasan from Salem ma’am.. Luv the singing ever.. Thq ma’am

  56. Mam i am k.Hematharani Ramanathapuram, alagankulam ,sathyanager grammam yennoda phone number 7449070xxx pls call me mam

  57. Mam send aga maaduku mam

  58. Sir i am hematharani. Na nalla paaruven man supersinger la paadanumnu Romba aasai sir oru chance kutunga pls madam or sir🙁

  59. Madam yennakku oru chance kutunga man pls naa Ramanathapuram alagankulam sathyanager grammatthula vachikkiren naa yenga oorula paatirukken madam oru chance kutunga 😌

  60. Sir or man na alagankulam sathyanager grammatthula vasikkiren sir yennakku pattunaa Romba pitikkum na nalla paaduven yennakku oru chance kutunga sir

  61. Sir/iam Hillal enakku singing,composing na romba pidikkum ennudaya asai oru Nalla live composers varanumu asai valkail ithuthan ennudiya mutual step.always enjoying super singer.

    1. Mam ennailam select pannuvingala mam, ennudiya Vedio vanthuruichuu gala mam

  62. Man anuppana singing video vandhiruchungala mam

  63. Sir I’m waiting for audition I’m willing to participate in the super singer and I’m sure to be a good singer

  64. Sir I’m waiting for ur audition pls conduct I like to enter in Vijay tv and also want to be a super singer

  65. There is no send icon in the website. Kindly let us know on how to register otherwise.

  66. Hai..I am Alagiri. I Can’t able to my Audition Application. My Phone No is 9566170xxx.Please Send the Details how to apply Properly..Please reply my queries.
    Any E-mail or some other option?

  67. Mam naa neega audition soinna aintha. Naaila eruinthu naa vedio daily anupeket thaa Erika aana antha vedio send aagavea matiinthu . Anaku ethananaailaa vedio send aaedichnu that naa nanaicha aana eipatha athu send agalainu Terium mam

  68. Enakku super singer la padanum nu romba aasa Naa nalla paduvan plz one chance kudungha Vijay TV my fav oru show kooda vidama thavrama Ellam show Vaiyum paarthu tu varen enakku super singer la pandrathukku orey oru chance kudungha plz en thiramaiya veli ketrathukku oru chance plz enr rquest accept pannugha🙏🙏🙏

  69. Kindly help me register… I’m not getting the send icon in the page… What am I supposed to do now

  70. Sir, I am g.sampath and I have sent the digital form and also the video for two songs sung by me on 11/10/2020. Pls let me know when I will be called for further action in this regard.

  71. Hi vijay tv, chinna vayasula irundhu na super singer paathu dhan valandhen, from that time enakubsuper singer medai la oru thadava participate panna podhum nu irundhuchu. Ippo varaikum am trying and trying aana Neenga enaku oru chance kuduthinga na en kanavu neraiverum apdindra nambikka iruku. Please 🙏please give me a chance 😭😭😭😭😭😭 once in my lifetime na super singer medai la participate panidanum nu romba aasa please vijay tv

  72. Santhiya dhandapani

    Hello Vijay tv na iam very interested na nalla paduva Vijay tv pls enna join pannunga i will try my best vijay tv

  73. My number 7604890049 .medam ennala online register panna mudiyala so pls call me https://m.starmakerstudios.com/d/playrecording?app=sm&from_user_id=197032484087xxx9&is_convert=true&recordingId=1970324848303395&share_type=whatsapp ..👈intha link click panni parunga mam nan star maker la padirruken

  74. My number 760489xxxx .medam ennala online register panna mudiyala so pls call me

  75. Hi I am gowri from thoothukkudi. Ennaku appa illa .amma mattum tha nan romba poor so neenga ennaku oru chance kuduthinga na en family ku romba happy a irrukum neenga en talent vachi select pannunga… enna mathiri poor girl ku intha mathiri chance kidaikathu I know but en talent ku chance kidaikum nu oru nambikkaiyil kekuren ….

  76. Mam I am Arshya mam I have posted my singing video no replay I have sing very good

  77. Hi this is rupa I’m also upload my singing video it’s recive Or not how can i get adution date please help me some one guys basically I’m a middle class family I’m not trained singer just sing that’s it I will try all melody songs for female voice please help me sir/madam ethachi oru place la nan sathikanumnu nenaikuren but last time participate panen but I’m not selected so please i try more time but I’m a unlock fellow I think please help me guys

  78. I am kabilan.from leksumagudi in thiruvarur.i am very poor family and my life very worst please help to me. please select me . In Super singer 8.it is very biggest help for me.

  79. Hi iam senthamizh yennaku anu mam priyaka akka mkpa anna aillaruam pedikuam i love sing my life and my soul aillamay sing thann i love all in super singer.

  80. how to check submit form conformation

  81. Hi I’m Sneha I had uploaded by video but it’s uploaded or not I don’t know please check

  82. Hai mam I am Nathiya I am in Trichy Na video send panita Aana rply varala select aanalum Agalanalum rply panuvingla mam… Mam please give me a one chance mam..

  83. then starmaker use panna matum dha en vid song open agum

    1. Sir, I am g.sampath aged 61 and I can sing tamil songs, cinema and devotional. Pls let me know how to partici pate in super singer 8. I am very much interested.

  84. hi my vid duration 4.39 so na link matum anupiruken vid anupala link google la copy panni search pannuna varum nd my num 7812832894🙏🙏🙏🙏

  85. டுபாக்கூரூ Vijay Tv குரல் தேடல்’னா நீ போயிட்டு தெரு தெருவா தேடணும்.
    நல்லா சப்ப சப்ப Singers வைத்துவிட்டு Super singer’ஆம் Super singer!!
    சப்ப Singer’னு சொல்லுங்கடா.

  86. i cant able to register .. i got a message like request is blocked.. please let me know how to register…

    1. Iam very interested in singing..and Iam from poor background so pls give me a chance to sing and it’s one my dream too

    2. I too got the same response “Request is blocked”

  87. Vanakam vijay tv indha super singer la kalandhukka naan romba natkalala
    Avalodu Ethirpaarthu kathukkkittu irukken enakku oru santharppam kuduthal ithil naan vetti peruen enakku oru vaippu tharumaru anbudan vendu kolgiren. Call me vijay super siger 994388xxxx

  88. Hi sir,IAM Sangeetha I love songs very much.i want to sing.i am a house wife.my children’s will encourage me.give one opportunity to me.my no is 8072276xxx

  89. Sir how many day will be this page available please can you say me

  90. Ellarum choose file la song choose pannathiga video URl place la unga video Oda link send pannuga send agum

  91. Hi vijay tv I can sing very well, I’m waiting for this opportunity for past 8 years. I want to participate only in vijay tv. Coz, vijay tv is a picasso in transforming lives, and I believe vijay tv can transform my life too. I want to be a part of star vijay family. So I can shine with the brightness of vijay tv. Waiting for your call with lots of❤️and expectations ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  92. I can sing very well, I’m waiting for this opportunity for past 8 years. Bcoz, I want to participate only in vijay tv. I believe vijay tv coz, I can shine with the brightness of vijay tv. Vijay tv is a picasso in transforming lives. I believe that vijay tv super singer can transform my life too. Love you so much vijay tv❤️💌

  93. hi sir is that my viedo is resived pleas replay me sir/mam

    1. Hi sir I am Tamilnila I wanted learn sings and song writer my actives please contact my mobile number please
      Help pannungal I have best acting and emotion and story immagnation and dancing formance please help you my talaintated viliyala kondhu Vara help pannungal madam

  94. I will sing well sir i can able to sing in 3 model softsong highbeat song like a small child i shoud learn more and etc.

  95. Sir I am ready for competition

  96. Hii sir… Ennakum asai dha… Sing pannanunu.. But ennala.. Neega send panna link LA ennala OK send panna mudiyala.. Plz… Sir… My num is 8754253xxx..ennaku call panigana.. Na epdi register pannanunu pathukuven.. Plz

    1. Hi I am sandhiya neega vanthu choose file la choose pannathiga video url place la unga video Oda link annupuga video send agum

  97. Hi I am swetha na pattu kathukal aana naa nalla paduvea.aanaku Oru chans koduga naa ainoda talenta proof paina Oru chans koduga

  98. Sir & mam addition attan panie select aana neega yeppadi reply painuvega. athupoola reject aanalum reply painuvegala

  99. Mam plese Enna join pannugaam plese

  100. Hi mam/sir enaku ethula padanum romba asai nd dream also ethukagavea na song kathukuto eruka plz na already video send panita response pannuga plz session 5 la vandha 2nd round select ana athuku apm enala vara mudiyala plz response pannuga I will prove my talent

    1. many time send the ss8 application but not send it .all the time chek the chek box Sir pls what to do for send succesful

  101. Vijay TV Airtel Super Nan aur matruthiranali physical Challenger please give me one chance music for my life my hath எனக்கு தெரிந்ததும் இசை தான் எனக்கு இசை வாழ்க்கை இசை எனக்கு உயிர் ஒரேயொரு வாய்ப்பு 7411744xxx

  102. Mam I’m Akalyamalathi in udumalpet tiruppur district pls give me a one chance mam I will try so many times to register in online audition but they didn’t send mam

    1. Mam super singer is my ambition please mam ennaku oru vatti change koduga mam kandipa na nalla paduva athu mattum illa ma ennala mudicha alavuku na eenteriment pannuva Enna numbuga please give one change mam please plesae

  103. Good evening M’am/Sir,
    It’s really a big opportunity for all of us for getting a chance to send our videos for the auditions. Vijay TV have showed the way for many hidden talents outside. We hope that you lighten our life. 😊Thankyou so much.

    1. Apadi video post pannanu mam

  104. Hello sir enoda painuku super singer la paada chance kodunga please. I want to see him in stage performance. He he is a good singe, good Beatboxer and entertainer.

    I am single parent i want see my son in reality show please give opportunity for him.

  105. Hi mam am monisha am from arakkonam ennaku singing romba pudikkum its my aim please accesept mam

    1. Haimam enakku super singerpadamnum enakku rumba near a said please pectin pannikkunga mam

    2. Yepti comment panninga konjam solluma pls

  106. Hii mam i am dharani from coimbatore i hope I sang well super singer giving big opportunity fr me yenoda rmba nallu kanavi super singer la padanugarathu i waiting fr that time☺please accpect me Tq u mam🥰 priyanka akka yanuku rmba pidikum 😘 yanuku super singer la padanu rmba nallu asai plzzz ena accpect panikogaaa🙏

  107. vanakkam sir enakkum super singerla paadanumnu romba aasai.ennaalayum paada mudiyum.enga amma music teacher.avanga dha enakku paada solli thandhaanga.application naa anuppunen.otp adhigamaa varudhu.inamu anuppuren.sir ennayum super singer la paada chance kodunga please.

  108. Mam.. I Want To Participate In The Contest Mam… I Had Uploaded My Singing Video Mam.. So Please See The Video And Accept My Request Mam🙏🏻

  109. Ananthi Gowtham Ananthi Gowtham

    I am also Good singing pleas give me one Chang’s

  110. Hi sir, l am Harikesh.S, l come from Ramanathapuram.Super singer auction season-8 so,please give me chance sir.


  112. Hi I am Sneha A. I send the video for 50ty seconds.I don’t know that video received or not.pls reply to me

  113. Video send aagala.what I want to do.

  114. Imost feel them very good singing..but pls support and singing …and u to trained…i do my best….. Iam saranya from chennai.

  115. Priyanka akka enakku ungala romba pudikkum aparam unga comedy also.enakkum ethachum oru chance la vijay tv la varanum nu aasaiya irukku.because vijay tv la enakku pudichathu ellarukkum help panni avangala develop pannuvinga.ithuvaraikkum vijay tv la vanthavanga ellarukkum oru nalla life irunthu irukku.enakkum vijay tv la varanum nu aasa.na song upload pani irukka.but no replay.

  116. Mam, I’m niranjana devi, i couldn’t send my application, it is not accepting…, what i want to do…

  117. Video send agave matinguthu please Na super singer la participate pananum nu asapaduren Enna join panikonga please…..

  118. I feel then very good sing

  119. Im sowndharya vedio did not send so please reply for me mam

  120. Na padina video send pana pogala please Na super singer la participate pananum nu asapaduren Enna join panikonga please….

    1. Na songs anuppi iruken athu recive aiduchanu theriyala please accept me

    2. Hi sir, l am Hipzhop Harikesh.S I come from Ramanathapuram-623503. Super singer auction season-8. So, please give me chance sir.

  121. My Name Nathiya I am in Trichy Na video send pana send agala please Nan super singer la participate pananum nu asapaduren Enna join panikonga please….

  122. I can’t able to send my video
    Uploaded not found

  123. Mam nanga anuppuna video vandhucha mam

  124. ஞா.ஷர்மா

    நான் சில நாட்களாக supersinger8காக
    பாடல் விடியோவை பதிவுசெய்தேன் ஆனால் விடியோவை பதிவேற்றமுடியவில்லை ஏதேனும் தவறாக
    இருந்தால் பதில் அனுப்புங்கள் நன்றி

  125. Ennudaiya song register aanatha illayanu therila… Register panathku oru reply confirm sms send panunga pls…

  126. I am Monica I am sending the videos of mine for last few days …But its not sending

  127. I can’t able to send my audition application it’s not sending but I uploaded my vedios

  128. Couldnt upload video

  129. I Like Star vijay channel Favourite Sun singer and Favourite serial Very Enjoy Like Entertainment good going I like ur Comedy And Favourite judges. Bless me 1st time

  130. Hi iam leelavathy i have read all the tearms and condition apply thank you for the information

    1. Hi this is sujithra,there is a error in uploading the video and couldn’t send pls check the error imediately…
      Pls reply…….

    2. hi sir i can sing in three model soft song ,high beat song, like small baby and i shoud need to learn more you can give me a chance i will do my level best you can trust me sir/mam

  131. Please details for super singer seneyar season 8 adisan REGISTERED video please

    1. Madam video send agavey mattuthu

    2. I feel then very good sing

    3. Yethavathu reply vanthucha mathu

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