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Organization : Sharda Sangeet Vidyalaya
Competition Name : Pandit Vishnu Digambar Paluskar Award-Indian Classical Music/Dance Competition 2015
Application Last Date : 8th August 2015

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Pandit Vishnu Digambar Paluskar Award :

1) The Competition is organised with the aim & object of promoting Indian classical Music & Dance and discover new talent and to encourage budding artistes by presenting them to the Indian classical music / dance world.

Update :
Sharda Sangeet 2017 Pandit Vishnu Digambar Paluskar Award :

2) The Competition is organised for amateurs only. Professional artistes performing and graded by A.I.R., Doordarshan, or any T. V. Channel or receiving Professional remuneration of any kind are not permitted to enter the competition, In case such a person is found to be entering the competition, he/she shall be disqualified at any time, without any hearing or protest from the competitor. The management’s decision shall be deemed to be as final & binding upon all competitors.

3) The competition will be conducted in three age groups as indicated below :-
a) GROUP I upto 12 yrs Complete (Born not before 1st August 2003)
b) GROUP II 13 yrs to 18 yrs Complete (Born not before 1st August 1997)
c) GROUP III 19 yrs to 25 yrs Complete (Born not before 1st August 1990)

The Photo copy of age certificate duly attested by the prinicipal of school/college, or gazzetted officer should be attached with the application form.

4) Application fee of Rs. 150/- should be paid along with the submission of the application form. The application fee is payable in cash or D/D in favour of “SHARDA SANGEET VIDYALAYA” payable at Mumbai. The fee is NON REFUNDABLE. Amount of Application Fee may also be remitted through ECS/NEFT in our saving A/c. No. 01301010100000001 IFSC Code No. BCBM0000014 The Bharat Co-op. Bank Ltd. Place Bandra (E), Mumbai-400 051.

5) Last date of acceptance of application form is 8th August 2015.

6) Winners in each category / Group shall be awarded the following prizes in cash along with a certificate.

1st PRIZE – Cash Award Rs. 1100/- Plus two complimentary cash prizes of Rs. 201/- each
2nd PRIZE – Cash Award Rs. 751/- 3rd PRIZE – Cash Award Rs. 501/-

7) PANDIT VISHNU DIGAMBAR PALUSKAR AWARD shall be awarded to the First Prize winner in each category / group. provided he/she has secured 75% and above marks and also if the number of participants in the same category / group are not less than FIFTEEN.

8) The participant shall be eligible to receive the PT. Vishnu Digambar Paluskar Award only Twice in the same category / Group. He / she after receiving the award twice shall NOT be permitted to compete again in the same Category / Group.

9) The competition shall be held in the following category for all age groups on the days indicated against each category

Indian Classical Music Competition Scheduled Dates ::

1) Hindustani Classical Vocal-15th Aug. 2015
2) Kathak Dance-15/16th Aug. 2015
3) Hindustani Percussion (Tabla/Pakhawaj etc.)-16th Aug. 2015
4) Odissi Dance-18th Aug. 2015
5) Hindustani Instrumental (Sitar/Harmonium/Flute/Sarod/Sarangi etc.)-22nd Aug. 2015
6) Bharatha Natyam Dance-22/23rd Aug. 2015
7) Carnatic Vocal-23rd Aug. 2015

Even though the dates are finalised and confirmed, the management reserves the right to alter/change/cancel any/or all of the above competition dates or even cancel the entire competition without assigning any reason whatsoever, however these changes/cancellations shall be done only due to unavoidable circumstances

10) In Indian Classical Vocal / Instrument / Percussion (Hindustani & Carnatic) each competitor, shall be permitted not more than FlVE minutes, in Group I not more than TEN minutes in Group II and not more than FIFTEEN minutes in Group Ill, Subject to the discretion of the judges.

11) For competitors in Indian Classical Dances i. e. Bharatha Natyam, Kathak, Odissi, each competitor shall be permitted not more than SEVEN minutes in Group I, and not more than TEN minutes in Group II and not more than FIFTEEN minutes in Group Ill, subject to the discretion of the judges.

12) All competitors in dance should note that they should present themselves with proper makeup and suitable costumes pertaining to their items being performed and presented during the competition.

13) The dance competitors should ‘arrange their own accompanists for providing instrumental and vocal accompaniment support at their own cost. However, If desired the competitors are permitted to play audio cassettes/ C.Ds/Pen Driver/Mobile/Recording of original classical music, not copied from films or any other likewise recorded music. In case such undesirable music is played, the management reserves the right to disqualify the participant immediately. The participant shall have no right to protest/object against the management’s/ judge’s decision. which shall be final and binding upon all participants, without any objection whatsoever.

14) For competitors in Vocal & Instrumental category, it is compulsory to mention at least THREE ragas. in Group II and at least FlVE ragas in Group Ill to be performed by them as per the choice of the judges.

15) For competitions in vocal and instrumental, only Tabla accompanist shall be permitted while presenting vocal/ instrumental items. Tabla player subject to availability may be provided by our Vidyalaya. However, it is advisable to bring your own Tabla accompanist at your own cost. Any instrument / Tabla may be provided by the Vidyalaya, subject to availability, however the Vidyalaya is not bound to provide any instrument and their should be ‘no protest or objection from the participants, in case of non availability of any instrument. Tabla, it is advisable & safe to bring your own musical Instruments & Tabla.

16) Vocal competitors in group II to Ill to please note that Tanpura should be played by the Competitors themelves & No Tanpura accompanist shall be permitted. Tanpura may be provided by the Vidyalaya. However the competitors may bring their own Tanpura at their own risk and cost, if desired by them.

17) Film music – vocal or instrumental is totally banned.

18) The judges have the right to curtail/stop any item in the middle of the performance at any time. The competitors are bound to abide by the decision of the judges without any protest / objection, whatsoever.

19) No conveyance shall be paid to any competitors for any reason whatsoever.

20) The competitors should present themselves at least HALF AN HOUR before the competition. The Vidyalaya reserves the right to disqualify the competitors, in case the competitors reports late for the competition on the assigned day.

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