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Times of India Write India Contest December 2015

Organization : The Times of India
Competition Name : Write India Contest For December 2015
Applicable For : All

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Write India Contest December

The Write India initiative is the country’s first ever Short Story Contest of the kind, providing a writing platform unlike any other.

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Rules by the Author

1. The paragraph provides an obvious lead in to a messy and chaotic play out between the three characters in Goa.
2. Feel free to draw up your own equations and back stories between and of the three characters.
3. Make it really passionate and unpredictable.

Write India Contest Rules

** Read carefully the passage provided by the author to help kickstart your story.You can use this passage at the beginning, anywhere in the middle, or the end of your story, but you must use it.
** Each author has provided some rules he/she would like you to follow. Stick to the rules please.
** Stick to a minimum of 1500 words and a maximum of 2000-2500 words.
** The story must be written in English. Be careful with your editing, grammar and punctuation.
** Please submit your story before the last day of the contest for it to be considered.
** If you send more than one entry, we will be considering only the last one sent.
** No handwritten copies or screenshots will be accepted. Kindly send word documents or PDFs under 5 MB.


Ques 1: What is Write India?
Write India is a collaborative writing initiative by Times Internet, which will have a set of 11 celebrity authors writing the preface of short stories. These prefaces will be later opened to public for completion. Every month we will select one winner from the entries received with the help of the ‘Celebrity Author of the Month’.

Ques 2: Till when can I submit my entries?
Entries will be accepted from 7th of every month till the 30th of the month.

Ques 3: Can I write for more than one or all authors?
Yes everyone is welcome to participate for all authors. Every entry for each author will be considered on merit.

Ques 4: Where should I send my entries?
You can upload your story here or email it to writeindia AT

Ques 5: Are there any rules to follow for the story?
Yes, every story has Write India rules, which will be valid throughout the contest and Author Rules, given by the celebrity author of the month. The rules are stated above the Preface from the Author of the Month.

Ques 6: What if I don’t abide by the rules?
Failure to comply will lead to disqualification.

Ques 7: When will the winners be declared?
Each month a winner will be declared.

Ques 8: How will the winners be selected?
The Times of India editorial team will select the top 10 stories and share them with the author of the month. The celebrity author of the month will select the best story.

Ques 9: If I am the winner, will my story be published without any changes?
No, the Times of India edit team may edit the story to make it reader friendly.

Ques 10: How will I claim the Amazon Kindle, in case I win?
The Times of India team will contact you via email and you need to revert with your address on that email.

Ques 11: What will happen to the stories?
A book will be published with all the winning entries.

Ques 12: Will my story be used by The Times of India?
Yes, The Times of India has the right to use your story for commercialization /promotional purposes.

Ques 13: When will the book be published?
The book will be published soon after the entire contest is over.

Ques 14: In case I have any more queries, where should I contact?
You can write to writeindia AT for any more information

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  1. Where do we send the story?

  2. What is the topic?
    Where to send the essay?

    1. The Write India initiative is the country’s first ever Short Story Contest of the kind, providing a writing platform unlike any other.

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