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Hyundai Motor Bluelink Championship 2022

Organisation : Hyundai Motor India Limited
Contest Name : Bluelink Championship 2022
Applicable For : All Bluelink Customers
Last Date : Jun 22, 2022
Website : https://www.hyundai.com/in/en/hyundai-story/bluelink-championship-program

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What is Hyundai Bluelink Championship?

A very good opportunity or all Bluelink customers to exhibit your driving skills in the first of its kind initiative, Hyundai Bluelink Championship. We will analyze your driving behaviour and provide you a driving score. Your driving score will be recorded on a scale of 0-100, the higher the score better the driving skills. Participate and get a chance to win gift vouchers. Bluelink Championship score will be updated every 4 days, you may check your score on the website. Registration ends on Jun 22, 2022.

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** Your vehicle is installed with Bluelink
** Register with same mobile number, used for Bluelink enrolment
** Customer Activated Bluelink Services before 7th June 2022

How Hyundai Bluelink Championship Works?

Step1 : Registration
Eligibility check and easy steps to register

Step 2:
Start of championship & Regular score update Assessing driving parameters to derive the score.

Step 3: Display & Compare scores
Individual score and top scorer from your region*

Step 4: Result & Awards
The top performer will be awarded with vouchers and rest with eTrophies.

Prizes of Hyundai Bluelink Championship

Top 3 customers per region will be awarded gift vouchers. Hyundai Bluelink Championship Prizes are

** 1st Gift voucher worth ?15,000
** 2nd Gift voucher worth ?10,000
** 3rd Gift voucher worth ?6,000

Top 60 customers per region securing highest championship scores will be awarded with eTrophies. Certificate for the participation for all the customers

What are the Timelines of Hyundai Bluelink Championship?

Hyundai Bluelink Championship Timelines

** Jun 13,2022 Registration start
** Jun 22, 2022 Registration ends
** Jun 23, 2022 Championship start
** Jun 30, 2022 First result display
** Jul 23, 2022 Championship ends
** Jul 30, 2022 Final result display

FAQ On Hyundai Bluelink Championship

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Hyundai Bluelink Championship

Q. What is Driving Score?
A. Driving score is an aggregated overall score derived from the driving behavior analysis and it is based on the vehicle sensor data, such as odometer reading, acceleration, deceleration etc.

Q. What is the scale on which driving score is calculated?
A. The driving score is calculated on a scale of 0-100.

Q. What are the key parameters on which driving score will be analyzed?
A. The key parameters for score calculation are acceleration & deceleration behavior, braking behavior and over speeding occurrence.

Q. Do I have to pay any fee or charges to participate/register in Bluelink Championship program?
A. No.

Q. How can I participate in Bluelink Championship program?
A. Visit the Link/Website and register by filling the required details

Q. Why is mobile number required?
A. Your mobile number is required so that we could confirm you as the legitimate owner of Hyundai Bluelink car.

Q.Is there any distance-travelled criteria?
A. Yes. The vehicle should have travelled a minimum distance of 200 km per month for overall score. Frequency of displaying the result is every four days, vehicle should also be travelled min 15Km during each of block of four days during the championship period.


For any queries call on 1800-258-4645 or write to bluelink [AT] hmil.net

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