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Star Vijay Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Voting 2022 : hotstar.com

Organisation : Endemol Shine India
Channel Name : Star Vijay TV
Program Name : Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Voting 2022
Hashtags : #BiggBossTamil, #BiggBossTamil6
Hosted By : Actor Kamal Haasan
Show Timing : 9:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Voting Cycle Ends : Starts Monday & Ends Midnight, Every Friday
Website : https://www.hotstar.com/in/tv/bigg-boss/14455

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What is Star Vijay Bigg Boss Tamil 6?

Bigg Boss 6 is the sixth season of the Tamil version of the Indian reality television series Bigg Boss based on the Dutch series Big Brother and produced by Endemol Shine India (now merged with Banijay).

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The show launched on 9th October 2022 on Star Vijay along with a 24/7 Live stream on Disney+ Hotstar. Kamal Haasan has officially once again been appointed as the host for the sixth time.

Unlike the previous seasons, in which Star Vijay picked particular a commoner as housemates, the sixth season features two contestants from the general public, selected via auditions open for anybody. Dhanalakshmi and Shivin Ganesan were the only general public contestants selected to participate as contestants after completing three stages of tasks successfully and selected by the Bigg Boss team.

How To Vote For Your Favorite Star Vijay Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Contestant?

Just follow the below steps to vote for your favorite Star Vijay Bigg Boss Tamil 6 contestant

Step-1 : Log in to your Hotstar app.
Step-2 : Search for Bigg Boss Tamil and go to the show page.
Step-3 : Click the ‘Vote now’ button.
Step-4 : Vote for Favorite
Step-5 : Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants.You can cast 10 votes per day!

Who are the Contestants Star Vijay Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6?

S.No. Contestant
1 Amuthavanan
2 Asal
3 Ayesha
4 Azeem
5 Dhanalakshmi
6 Dinesh
7 Janany
8 Kathirravan
9 Maheswari
10 Manikandan
11 Muthu
12 Nivaashiyni
13 Queency
14 Rachitha
15 Ram
16 Robert
17 Shanthi
18 Sheriina
19 Shivin
20 Vikraman

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Show Timing

The Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Show will telecast live in Disney plus Hotstar. The one hour episode will be telecast in Star Vijay Television at 9.30pm to 10.30pm (Mon-fri),9.30pm to 11.pm (sat,Sun). The unseen episode will be telecast in Vijay Takkar.

Banana Bed Punishment:
The Banana Bed is a punishment that housemates face upon their arrival into the house on the grand launch day. The 4 housemates who are being nominated as the Least interactive housemate they will be forced to sleep in the banana bed as a punishment. The housemates who have the majority votes will be forced to face the punishment. These 4 housemates were also directly nominated for Week 2 eviction process. however if housemates who are under the banana bed punishment and excel in tasks, they will be removed from the eviction list and be replaced by another co housemate of their choice.

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