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AI Gamechangers Award 2023 MyGov : Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology

Organisation : Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, GPAI, MyGov
Contest Name : AI Gamechangers Award 2023
Applicable For : Citizen Of India
Start Date : 12th September 2023
Last Date : 15th October 2023
Website : https://www.mygov.in/task/ai-gamechangers-award-2023/

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What is AI Gamechangers Award?

The AI Gamechangers Award aims to recognize and celebrate impactful AI solutions that are driving responsible AI innovation. Through the celebration of groundbreaking innovation, ethical considerations, and impactful projects, the awards seek to propel the AI field forward while inspiring responsible development and societal transformation.

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This prestigious platform will enable AI entrepreneurs and innovators from diverse backgrounds to highlight their innovative AI solutions, furthering the technological frontier and Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, GPAI’s broader mission of promoting trust in and the adoption of responsible AI across its thematic priorities of:
1. Global Health
2. Climate Change
3. Resilient Society
4. Collaborative AI Global partnership (CAIGP)
5. Sustainable Agriculture

The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) is an international and multi-stakeholder initiative to guide AI’s responsible development and use, grounded in human rights, inclusion, diversity, innovation, and economic growth.

As the council chair of GPAI, India will host the Annual GPAI Summit on 12th-14th December 2023 in India. The Summit will see participation from AI Experts, multilateral organizations, and other relevant stakeholders from over 27 GPAI member countries and the European Union.

As part of the Annual Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in collaboration MyGov is hosting the AI Gamechangers Award 2023.

Shortlisted participants will be given an opportunity to present their solutions to a jury of Global AI experts and the broader Global AI ecosystem at the Annual GPAI Summit in December 2023.

Categories of AI Gamechangers Award

The AI Gamechangers Award recognizes distinguished AI leaders across the following two focused categories. Each category is aligned with problem statement(s), showcasing the critical challenges that AI innovators are addressing globally.

Category 1: AI in Governance Leader Award:
Problem Statement: How can public sector AI systems ensure transparent explanations for their decision-making processes, improving trust and understanding between the AI systems and their users?
1. Applying organizations must be registered startups (or equivalent legal entities in their home country) that must have been operational for a minimum of 1 year before September 2023.
2. The proposed AI solution should have already been implemented (at least at the pilot stage) for a public service delivery application, on the date of submission of the proposal.

Category 2: NextGen Leaders Award:
Problem Statement 1: Detection mechanisms to distinguish content made from a foundational model over other content, based on a high degree of reliability?
Problem Statement 2: The most promising use cases of generative AI.
1. Applying organizations must be registered startups (or equivalent legal entities in their own country) that must have been operational for a minimum of 1 year before September 2023.
2. The applying organization must provide a Proof of Concept or Pilot leveraging Generative AI across any of the GPAI thematic priorities stated above.

Submission Guidelines for AI Gamechangers Award

** Participants can only apply for a single Award Category addressing (either of) the problem statements.
** Participants must ensure alignment of their solution with at least one of the thematic priorities listed.
** Video to include:
– Product/solution demonstration.
– The video shall not be more than 2 Minutes (120 seconds), Films/Videos exceeding this time limit are liable to be rejected.
– The minimum length should be 30 seconds.
– Both color and monochrome videos in time-lapse/normal mode will be accepted.
– Please ensure the Films/Videos are preferably shot in good quality camera/mobile phone and are in the ratio 16:9 in Horizontal format.
– Format: YouTube link
** Incomplete applications will be rejected.
Participants may be contacted by the organizing team for further information on the proposal

Prize of AI Gamechangers Award

Winners of the AI Gamechangers Award will be given:
1. Cash Prize (to be announced soon)
2. GPAI AI Gamechanger Certification
3. Cloud Compute Capacity (per eligibility)
4. Opportunity to work with AI experts and practitioners.

Read our full Awards Terms and Conditions. Any Query? Please Contact Us at fellow1.gpai-india[AT]meity.gov.in

Additionally, all shortlisted participants will be provided a demonstration stall at the GPAI AI Expo during the GPAI Summit, hosted in New Delhi to showcase their innovations to the global AI ecosystem.

The supplemental benefits, originating from a third party, shall be governed by the terms and conditions set forth by the respective third parties. Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India shall bear no responsibility or liability in connection with these matters.

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