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Sony LIV Indian Idol Season 14 Voting 2023 : sonyliv.com

Organization : SonyLIV / Sony LIV Culver Max Entertainment Private Limited (CMEPL)
Contest Name : Indian Idol Season 14 Voting 2023
Voting Period : 04 November 2023 to 26 February 2024
Applicable For : Citizens of India
Website : https://www.sonyliv.com/terms-of-use

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What is Sony LIV Indian Idol Season 14 Voting?

“Indian Idol Season 14” is organized and conducted by Culver Max Entertainment Private Limited (CMEPL). The Program will be hosted and telecasted on the Company’s channel “Sony Entertainment Television” and Sony LIV App. Voting will be hosted on the App with respect to conducting votes for participants (“Contestants) by the voters (“Viewers”) who wish to participate in the voting for Contestant(s) through the App. The voting shall tentatively commence from 04 November 2023 till 26 February 2024.

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Eligibility of Indian Idol Season 14 Voting

1. During the Voting Period (defined below), Viewer(s) who are residents in India can participate in the voting.

2. Employees of Culver Max Entertainment Private Limited (“CMEPL”) (formerly known as Sony Pictures Networks Private Limited) and the Producer of the Program, Frames Production Company Private Limited (“the Producer”), agents, subsidiaries, representatives, assignees affiliates, the immediate families of the employees of CMEPL and the Producer as well as the subsidiaries that are sponsoring and/or promoting the Program and others associated with the CMEPL are not eligible to participate in the voting.

3. By participating in the voting, the Viewer(s) agrees to be bound by any decisions made by CMEPL in its sole discretion, including any interpretations of the Terms and Conditions.
4. The Viewer(s) participating in the voting must have attained the age of 18 (eighteen) years or above.
5. The Viewer shall be required to provide basic personal information about them including but not limited to Name, Mobile Number and email address to participate in the voting.

6. In order to confirm the eligibility of the Viewer(s) and/or if requested by CMEPL, the Viewer(s) must submit to CMEPL documents like such as PAN Card, Aadhar Card, school leaving, college leaving certificate, and/or college graduating certificate, or any other document as may be required by CMEPL. If the Viewer(s) is found to be ineligible, or if they have not complied with these Terms and Conditions, the corresponding Vote(s) will be disqualified.

7. Viewer(s) hereby represent and warrant that Viewer(s) is not under any disability, restriction, or any kind of prohibition, which shall prevent Viewer from performing or adhering to any of the Terms and Conditions herein and have not entered into and shall not enter into any agreement that may violate the Terms and Conditions herein.

Voting Medium of Indian Idol Season 14

1. The Viewer(s) can cast vote for the Contestant(s) by below mentioned voting medium,
i. SonyLIV Application

2. The Viewers shall during the Voting Period, cast the vote by either or both the mechanisms mentioned below, submit his/her mobile number for the purposes of one-time password verification by following the instructions specified therein (“Vote”).

3. The Viewers interested in voting can participate by choosing to cast their votes for their favourite Contestant through the mechanism as detailed below,
a. SonyLIV Application:
** The App is available on IOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded by public at large on their mobile devices from the application store. Please note the application download is free of cost, however date charges may apply. For further details please contact your service provider

** The Viewer(s) will have to Login to their account on the updated SonyLIV Application in Android or iOS Device, search ‘Indian Idol Season 14 Voting’, visit the Indian Idol Season 14 page and click on the Vote button to access the Voting page and cast his/her vote through this Voting Mechanism.

** Viewer(s) can also navigate to the Voting page by clicking on the banners and thumbnails for ‘Indian Idol Season 14 Voting’ as displayed on the SonyLIV app. Viewer(s) are advised to check for updates of the SonyLIV application from time-to-time.

** The Viewer will be required to submit their Mobile number and then enter the One-Time Password to vote for the Contestant(s).
** The Indian Idol Season 14 Voting page will list the images and names of the Contestant(s) in a particular Voting Cycle.
** The Viewer has to cast his/her vote for their desired Contestant(s) against his / her image and name to save him/her from elimination.

** All the above mechanisms together with any other mechanism that the CMEPL may provide from time to time shall hereinafter collectively be referred to as “Voting Mechanism”.

4. Only a maximum of 50 (fifty) votes per mobile number per voting episode will be allowed through the Viewer’s Android and/or iOS Device the voting platforms for a particular Contestant. However, for the sake of abundant clarity, the Viewer shall be free to vote for multiple Contestants. Only the first hundred votes casted for the Contestant(s) by a Viewer for the particular voting episode shall be considered and not the subsequent ones.

Voting Timings of Indian Idol Season 14

1. The voting shall tentatively commence from 04 November 2023 till 26 February 2024, (‘Voting Period’). The timings for voting shall begin from 20:00:00 hrs IST till 23:59:59 hrs on the voting day.

2. Below mentioned are the details related to the Voting Period during which Viewer(s) can cast the votes:

3. Viewer(s) are required to be updated with the Voting Period from time to time. CMEPL reserves the right to alter, modify or change the Voting Period at its sole discretion. In the event of any changes, the same shall also be communicated on the Channel. CMEPL will not be liable for any losses arising out of such changes to the Viewer(s).

4. Votes received after or before the defined timelines shall also be considered ineligible and therefore shall not be considered.

Detailed Terms & Conditions Download here : https://www.contest.net.in/uploads/pdf2023/68976-sl.pdf

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