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irungoamarathon.com I-Run Goa Marathon 2024 : I-Help Foundation

Organisation : I-Help Foundation Goa
Competition Name : I-Run Goa Marathon 2024
Applicable For : Open to All
Race Day : 7th January 2024 (Sunday)
Website : https://irungoamarathon.com/

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What is I-Run Goa Marathon?

I-Run Goa Marathon takes over on 7th January 2024, Sunday. The 5th edition has been officially announced for 2024 and the event is gearing to light up Goa into a grand spectacle, like never seen before. The participants, volunteers, and spectators have been awaiting the event for one years, and the event now returns with a best-in-class experience. IRGM is where people celebrate their fitness, and come together to experience the joy of crossing the finish line with greater satisfaction and renewed purpose.

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Race Categories of I-Run Goa Marathon

I-Run Goa Marathon has following race categories :
** 21K
** 10k
** 5k Timed Run
** 5k Charity Run
** 2k Fun Run

Event Details of I-Run Goa Marathon

EVENT DETAILS: 02 km, 05 km, 10 km & 21km

PURPOSE: I-Run Goa Marathon aims to give message to society about health,Child Education , Importance of tree plantation , Cleanliness and to reduce the use of plastics as much as we can.I-Run Goa Marathon strives to bring joy and happiness through running on the faces of the participants.

EVENT AIM: I-Help Foundation Goa will be conducting social rejuvenating activities across the state for the welfare of the people and also I-Help Foundation Goa will be sponsoring free Education for the underprivileged kids under it’s initiative I-Educare.

Rewards of I-Run Goa Marathon

Rewards For Participants:
1.Every Participant will get a Medal.
2.Every Participant will get a Certificate.
3.Every Participant will get a T-Shirt.
4.Every Participant will get a Timing Chip Bib (Except for 05 & 02K Charity Run Participant)
5.Every Participant will get a Post Run Refreshment.
6.Every Participant will get their Photos.

FAQ on I-Run Goa Marathon

What is the I-Run Marathon, and where is it held?
I-Run marathon Goa is an initiative started by the I-Help Foundation which is an active youth volunteering organization based in Goa, dedicated to uplifting underprivileged individuals in the region. This registered non- governmental organization (NGO) has initiated various projects and activities aimed at making a positive impact on the community.

One of their notable initiatives is the “I-Run Marathon,” is designed to raise funds through crowd-funding efforts for the benefit of St. Joseph’s Boys Orphanage in Goa and the other initiatives and ventures backed by the foundation. This marathon event takes place in Taliegao.

How does the I-Run marathon contribute to charitable causes or community development?
The I-Run Goa Marathon has a multifaceted mission. It aims to raise awareness in society about health, child education, the significance of tree planting, cleanliness, and the reduction of plastic use. Additionally, the marathon seeks to spread joy and happiness among its participants through the act of running.

Furthermore, the event strives to extend the spirit of fitness and running to every household in Goa, while also educating people about the importance of trees and soil conservation in their daily lives.

The funds procured during this event will be used to support the other initiatives run by the I-Help foundation like the I-Help Evergreen Goa , I-Help blood donation, School kit donation,I-Clean,I-warriors, I-Educare , and I-Help Goa outreach

Are there any specific training tips for preparing for the I-Run Marathon?
or marathon preparation, start with a medical checkup, set clear goals, and create a structured training plan with consistent workouts. Incorporate cross-training activities, maintain a balanced diet, and stay hydrated throughout. Prioritize rest and recovery, and listen to your body to avoid overtraining.

Use suitable gear, develop mental strategies for race day, and consider training with a group for motivation. Taper your training before the marathon, and learn from your experiences to make improvements for future races

What is the level of competition like in irun marathon ?

The I-Run Marathon competition spans over a broad spectrum. At the front are elite runners competing for top honors, followed by competitive runners aiming for strong times. Recreational and first-time participants prioritize personal achievement. Age group categories add competitive elements, while charity and fun runners focus on causes or enjoyment. Our marathon caters to diverse objectives and abilities.

What are the age categories and are there any other specific requirements for the run?
There are no age categories or specific requirements for the participants. It’s open to people of all ages. There are no specific requirements to register for the run. You are only asked to adhere to race rules, be in appropriate attire and have medical clearance to participate in this run.

How can I track my progress and results during my I-Run Marathon?

There is a time-chip bib which is attached to the participants clothing and that tracks the time and results for you.

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