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Aashirvaad Select Win Gold Every Hour Contest Winners 2016

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Organization : ITC Ltd
Announcement : Winners of Aashirvaad Select Win Gold Every Hour Contest 2016
Competition Last Date : 14th April 2016
Website :

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Aashirvaad Select Win Gold Every Hour Contest

The Contest is valid for a period of 90 days commencing from 8th January 2016 – 12 Noon to 14th April 2016 – 11:59 am – a“Day” is defined as a period of 24 hours starting from 12 noon and ending at 11:59 am the following day

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Entries received before the commencement of the Contest Period will be considered in the 8th January 2016 -12 noon – 9th January 2016- 11.59 am time slot.

Winners :

Name City Mobile Number Date of Win Unique Code
CHINMAYEE NANDY KARNATAKA 98XXXXXXXX63 04/02/2016 464234317492
SANDEEP BAMZAI GURGAON 98XXXXXXXX99 04/02/2016 183749754966
ANURADHA BAMZAI DELHI 93XXXXXXXX04 04/02/2016 217416636479
SUBHAJIT BARAL ORISSA 78XXXXXXXX33 04/02/2016 943163593795
YASHODHAR RAO HYDERABAD 91XXXXXXXX50 04/02/2016 585688886598
MANJU NATH M GUJARAT 97XXXXXXXX88 04/02/2016 788271988111
JOGESH KUMAR DELHI 98XXXXXXXX53 04/02/2016 465854457952
SUBRAMANIAN CHENNAI 94XXXXXXXX96 04/02/2016 516771214298
A. FATMA MUGAL DELHI 87XXXXXXXX06 04/02/2016 318332968497
WASIM AKRAM DELHI 83XXXXXXXX89 04/02/2016 986893469466
TRILOKE BAGGA HARYANA 97XXXXXXXX01 04/02/2016 379319765341
SUNITA JAIN CHENNAI 98XXXXXXXX66 04/02/2016 428925332271
TARA HOOSEN MUMBAI 98XXXXXXXX88 04/02/2016 826579891115
UMESH H C KARNATAKA 87XXXXXXXX64 04/02/2016 735693766753
PRITI GUPTA MUMBAI 99XXXXXXXX15 04/02/2016 512851248318
GEMIMI MITTAL AURAIYA 97XXXXXXXX16 04/02/2016 351371492891
NEETHA KOTECHA KARNATAKA 89XXXXXXXX61 04/02/2016 538189886957
ASMITA DESPANDEY GURGAON 97XXXXXXXX87 04/02/2016 361372911482
JATIN CHANDWANI MEERUT 98XXXXXXXX05 04/02/2016 132322588215
SAI K ANDHRA PRADESH 78XXXXXXXX32 04/02/2016 539118263975
G VANI DEVI ANDHRA PRADESH 94XXXXXXXX83 04/02/2016 497487679427
SUGANDHI SHARMA KARNATAKA 97XXXXXXXX88 04/02/2016 763382218353
J DIVAY BHAVANI VIJAYAWADA 74XXXXXXXX48 03/02/2016 329571394721
ANIL SHARMA KARNATAKA 99XXXXXXXX86 03/02/2016 448526815615
S NAGESHWARI CHENNAI 94XXXXXXXX96 03/02/2016 193132832773
GYAN KUMAR GUPTA DELHI 93XXXXXXXX14 03/02/2016 519628288718
RITU THAKUR DELHI 99XXXXXXXX03 03/02/2016 579798213477
RUBY ROBINS GUJARAT 96XXXXXXXX11 03/02/2016 251774157853
NARESH KUMAR DELHI 95XXXXXXXX47 03/02/2016 257295144825
KAMAL JAIN DELHI 98XXXXXXXX24 03/02/2016 145651252532
SHILPA BIRJE KARNATAKA 81XXXXXXXX06 03/02/2016 475994582642
GARIMA RATHI ORISSA 97XXXXXXXX10 03/02/2016 951292754475
SAUMIL BHAVSAR NAVI MUMBAI 77XXXXXXXX86 03/02/2016 727513296218
VIKAS KUMAR DELHI 99XXXXXXXX07 03/02/2016 412287232129
AMIT SHARMA HARYANA 98XXXXXXXX14 03/02/2016 412632837445
V SOWJANYA ANDHRA PRADESH 94XXXXXXXX29 03/02/2016 811727958987
RAVINDER SINGH LUDHIANA 98XXXXXXXX20 03/02/2016 486974593547
RASHMI TOSHNIWAL ANNA NAGAR 90XXXXXXXX28 03/02/2016 748571837396
RADHE SHYAM ANNA NAGAR 95XXXXXXXX40 03/02/2016 784865464294
NARESH NAKRNI GUJARAT 99XXXXXXXX83 03/02/2016 324112534834
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  1. When will the Bumper Prize Winner’s list be announced?

  2. I got a phone call one week ago and the person said me that I had got selected as the winner. They asked me my address. At that time I was at hospital. That’s why I can not tell any address to the person.

  3. It is the best offer of Aashirvad. I am waiting for this offer.

  4. I have won this contest 4 times but I am yet to receive my last 1 gram of gold. I have been sending repeated mails yet no response.
    Please let me if I have to wait for it or approach some higher authorities as I have started to feel being cheated ITC is an reputed firm so please don’t cheat your consumers.

  5. I got a phone call few weeks before and the person said me that I have won a gold grain and he got my ID proof. He said that I will get gold grain within three weeks but not yet am waiting. Please reply.

  6. Mrs.Srikripa Satish

    They called me and said I won gold grain and will receive the prize within 3weeks and took my id proof am still waiting. Announced on 2nd July 2016. Please let me know.

  7. I have won the coin contest. My unique code is 354367694148. You told it will take one month but no reply yet.

  8. Is the scheme over?

  9. Gold winners result r mentioned only till 03/05/2016. People are still participating in this contest. But there is no response from the company. I’m permanent purchaser of this atta. I have participated in this competition. But no response. No result mentioned after 03/05/2016.

  10. Vijayta Saran sonawane

    I was one of the winner in may, I got a call on 5th may, and I had even mailed my Id proof. Now it’s 1 and half month and I have not received the gold grain yet.

  11. Kamalini Panigrahi

    I received phone call and won the contest. Entry date is 16th June 2016.

  12. I got a telephone call but not yet received again.

  13. Its been 2 months I have won this contest and hasn’t received a gold grain. When will you reply for this? I am writing to you for the 2nd time.

  14. It’s more than 2 months since I won the contest. I got telephone call too. And I am ready with the id proof.

  15. Some one gave me missed call named Swiggy from number 8048120105 Karnataka to my number. When I tried to call the no it gets cut continuously.

  16. I have won on 9th April and hasn’t got any grain of gold. What is the status? You people told me that it will take one month to reach. Now its a month now.. Will you give me any answer?

  17. I have not received my gold grain. I won on the date of 6th April. Please suggest and let me know when will I be received.

  18. I have not received prize so far.I was the winner of the contest 8/3/16.

  19. I have still not received my gold grain. I was the winner of 2nd week of March. Please suggest where can I contact?

  20. No result is shown. The last day result shown was at 26/03/2016.

  21. Awaiting result for my entry of 22/02/2016.

    1. Till 17/03/2016 only results are available.

    2. When will you declare the result?

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