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Campus Commune TCS TESTimony 2016 : Flagship Annual Software Testing Contest

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Organization : Campus Commune Tata Consultancy Services
Competition Name : TESTimony 2016 TCS Flagship Annual Software Testing Contest
Applicable For : Engineering Students
Registration Last Date : June 22, 2016

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TESTimony :

** Dreaming about working in the Testing arena with a large IT firm but not sure how to make your dream a reality? TCS’ Quality Assurance and Testing Services Unit provides you a unique platform to crossover from the realm of fantasy to reality, making your much awaited dreams come true.

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Campus Commune TCS Game On 2016 :

** Welcome to TESTimony 2016 – TCS’ flagship annual software testing contest for engineering students! In our fourth edition of TESTimony, we provide you yet another opportunity to showcase your knowledge and talent in the world of Assurance and Testing.

** Gain insights and learn more in this exciting field with webinars, one-to-one interactions on Campus Commune and much more. You can also gain a sneak peek into TCS’ Assurance Services offerings and how we at TCS strive to assure customers certainty of business, first-time-right.

** So what are you waiting for? Stand a chance to win exciting prizes as well as job offers and internships with TCS Assurance Services Unit! Register yourself today, and get set, the hunt for bugs is on! Make your dream of working with a large IT firm a reality! TESTimony 2016 is only a click away.

** For registered users on TCS NextStep, please use your credentials to launch Campus Commune. You will need to click on the Testimony contest banner to complete registration and team formation for the contest.
** If you do not have an existing account on TCS NextStep, please proceed to create your account and use the same to access Campus Commune and register for the contest

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  1. I am unable to login. What can be done?

  2. My account is revoked. What should I want to do?

    1. Did you get access now? Still revoked? How many days it took to access?

  3. Oviya Chandrasekaran

    What is the reason that we cant register this in mobile?

  4. Pandurang Padghan

    How to register to testimony?

  5. I have registered already. I am doing my pre final year from my college every pre final year students registered for TCS. I got a message about the codevita test. I want to know how shall I write the test? In which link it is available? The time limit is only till tomorrow 3 pm.

  6. I am not getting the link.

  7. How to open TCS testimony2016 quiz?

  8. ADB stands for?

  9. At what link we can find previous papers of testimony as a reference?

  10. How to prepare for testimony?

  11. How to login into registered accounts?

  12. How many members including the team leader in a team?

    1. The members including team leader in a team is 2.

  13. It is always showing Access denied whenever I try to register for testimony.

    1. Yes same here and don’t know about complete reg. Can you know?

  14. How can I know that I was successfully registered or not for testimony? Can any one tell me?

  15. How can we get the reference ID?

  16. When this contest is going to start?

  17. Is this contest offline or online?

  18. Is it applicable for Degree students?

  19. When this contest is going to happen?

  20. How many team got the JOB offer?

  21. I cannot register this testimony. What is the problem occurring registering time? What can I do?

  22. I am not having an existing account on Tcs NextStep. How should I create a new account?

  23. How to register testimony?

  24. What are the software that are required to learn?

  25. How to register to testimony?

  26. How to register to testimony? There is no specific link.

    1. You are required to register via nextstep portal.

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