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MSTA Test Series 6th & 9th Std & Theory Question Papers : Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition

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Organization : Mumbai Science Teachers’ Association MSTA
Service Name : Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition Online Test Series and Theory Question Papers
Applicable For : 6th & 9th Standard Students
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MSTA Dr. Homi Bhabha Competition

Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition is conducted by The Mumbai Science Teachers Association science 1981 for the student of std VI and IX of English and Marathi medium.

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Q.1. The temperature of a body has changed by 20°C. What will be the change in its temperature in Kelvin scale ?
(1) 293K (2) 27.3K (3) 253 K SEHARUS (4) 20 K

Q.2. A bullet of 60 gm is fired using a rifle of mass 12 Kg. Rifle recoils with a velocity of 2.5 m/s. Calculate initial velocity of the bullet.
(1) 50 m/s (2) 500 m/s2 (3) 0.5 m/s FF (4) 12.5 m/s

Q.3. Stethoscope is an inastrument used to hear the heart beats of a patient by the doctor. Select the correctfigure showing movement of sound waves inside the stethoscope.

Q.4. Which of the following cells is rechargable ?
(1) Dry cell (2) Leclanche cell (3) Nickel – Cadmium cella (4) Daniel cell

Q.5. Select the correct statement, with respect to value of universal gravitational constant and acceleration, due to gravity.
(1) Both of them change from place to place.
(2)Former does not change but later changes according to position.
(3) Both have fixed value always.
(4) Former changes but later does not change according to position.

Q.6.Who am I; if I am useful for.
** Communication between ships
** To detect cracks in metallic bells
** To destroy microbes from milk
** For welding plastic material.

(1) Heat (2) Ultrasound (3) SONAR (4) Reverberrations PT

Q.7.Adjacent diagram shows mass and velocities of two bodies A and B, which have started from rest. Observe the diagrams and compare the work that can be done by A and B.
A (2 kg) 10 m/s and B (4 kg) 7 m/s
(1) ‘A’ can do more work than ‘B’
(2) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ can do same work
(3) ‘B’ can do more work than ‘A’
(4) Given information is not sufficient to calculate work Galerie

Q.8. Read the following statements and choose the correct option:
(A) Moon revolves around the earth due to gravitational force online distan
(B). Planets revolve around the Sun due to gravitational force lobo boos ar IST
(C) Gravitational force is ineffective in case of free fall
(D) Buoyancy does not depend on gravitational force

(1) All four statements are correct
(2) A and B are correct whereas C and D are incorrect
(3) A and B are incorrect whereas C and D are correct
(4) All four statements are incorrect

Q.9. The displacement – time graph of a body is as shown below. Which segment/s of the graph represent uniform motion ?
(1) BC
(2) AB and BC
(3) AB and CD
(4) AB

Q.10. When a bus is at rest, a person sitting inside it is at rest with respect to
(1) the bus (2) jeep passing by (3) trees around to (4) both (1) and (3)

Q.11. Which of the following statements is incorrect ?
(1) Action and reaction force act on different bodies
(2) Action and reaction force are equal in magnitude
(3) Action and reaction force are opposite in direction
(4) Reaction force gets activated after action force

Q.12.The salt content of Dead sea is considered to be very high (27%0). We can easily float in it. With the help of this information, select the correct option.
(1) Our body weighs more than that of displaced sea water.
(2) Dead sea water offers upward pressure on the body.
(3) Upthrust balances gravitational force at Dead sea.
(4) Due to high salt content, osmosis will lead to loss in body weight.

Q.13. Plimsoll lines are found on which of the following vehicles ?
(1) Aeroplanen emmel (2) Submarine AS (3) CNG Rickshawlo (4) Ship T.

Q.14. Observe the table and choose the correct option:

(1) It is non uniform motion
(2) It is uniform motion
(3) It is uniformly accelerated motion
(4) It is non uniformly accelarated motion

Q.15. Water is used as coolant because
(1) It has high specific heat capacity
(2) It is easily available love naoMA
(3) It is a good conductor of heat
(4) It is inexpensively fans

Q.16. Observe the diagram and select the correct option :
(1) Velocity of body will increase
(2) Velocity of body will decrease
(3) Velocity will not change
(4) Can not be predicted

Q.17. For industrial purposes, which of the following units of power is used ?
(1) Newton (2) Jis (3) horsepower (4) Joule

Q.18. While sharpening a knife; sparks travel tangential to grinding stone; this is an example of which of the following ?
(1) Inertia of rest (2) Inertia of motion (3) Inertia of direction (4) None of these

Q.19. Due to the force exerted by which of the following factors does a unpowered car accelerate downwards on an inclined road ?
(1) Tyres of the car abre SAS
(2) Weight of the car
(3) Force of the air
(4) Roughness of the road se

Q.20. Speed of sound is maximum in which of the following media ?
(1) Vaccum
(2) Solids
(3) Liquids
(4) Gases

MSTA Test Series

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