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Eduranet Foundation 13th Intellectual Olympiad 2017-18 :

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Organisation : Eduranet Foundation
Contest Name : 13th Intellectual Olympiad 2017-18
Applicable For : Class II-X Students
Prelims : 4th & 5th December 2017
Finals : 30th & 31st January 2018.
Website :

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13th Intellectual Olympiad :

Life is all about facing challenges full and square. Eduranet firmly believes that healthy competition prepares students for life. Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad brings out students inherent talents, rare abilities and trains their skills.

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Eduranet 11th Intellectual Olympiad 2015-16

Eduranet has devised Intellectual Olympiad to help students to face these challenges. This Olympiad prepares the students to excel in any discipline / profession such as Engineering, Medical, Civil, Administrative and many others.

Eduranet 12th Intellectual Olympiad 2016-17 provides the foundation and basics to enter life as professionals to acquire status and position. Depending upon the nature of the intelligence the competitions are categorized into three different groups.

How to Join?:
Schools :
** The schools who are willing to join Intellectual Olympiad must be recognized in any national or state boards for primary, upper primary or secondary levels.
** They must allot a dedicated coordinator who has good communication skills and the relevant expertise in announcing the Intellectual Olympiad competitions, dates as well as other information to the students.
** The coordinator needs to fill in the School Registration Form (SRF) with correct details.
** The role of the coordinator is very crucial. He/she must communicate with the Intellectual Olympiad organizers find out dates and any other queries.
** The coordinator must possess computer knowledge to check their school account and acquire any information pertaining to competitions and student enrollments.
** The coordinator would be required to attend meetings as well as seminars conducted by Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad Foundation for any updates.
** The coordinator must distribute/collect the application forms along with the stipulated fee from students who are willing to enroll into Education competitions.
** The coordinator must take a wide Demand Draft and send it across to Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad Foundation postal address along with the application forms in order to get students participating in Intellectual Olympiad.

Students :
** Students are required to collect the Student Application Form from the respective school coordinator.
** They need to fill in the form with accurate information and submit the form to the school coordinator with the examination fee.
** They must read all the instructions properly before filling in the form.
** The exam fee per competition is Rs. 150/-. If students are willing to join more than one exam, the fee would be in multiples of Rs. 150/-.

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